What do I need to do to get my ‘Regular’ badge back?

Once upon a time I had said badge, but life forced me to not be able to be on the forums for months, and I no longer have it. Which makes me sad.
I wish to be able to correct spelling and/or grammar in people’s thread titles!


In the last 100 days, you need to have:
Visited the site on 50 different days.
Replied to 10 topics.
Read 25 topics.
Avoid being flagged 5+ times.
Like 30 posts.
Receive 20 likes.

Thanks for the reply, Kevin! I’ve easily replied to 10 topics, read 25, and I’ve not been flagged at all so far! :grin:


somewhere on the other side of internet, a user believe “Flag” function is for cheering up another user… like a victory flag or something.


I was really tempted to flag this just because :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


please no :smile: i just telling the truth that sometimes people flag other people because they believe the flag function is for cheering up, but in fact its reversed.

this was happening on one game community in asia, where instead of pressing like/give love emoticon for cheering/liking a post topic, they use flag function for it.

I was SOOooo…tempted :wink:

Turns out I just needed to like a bunch of random posts…

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I just checked out my stats out of curiousity, and:
-recent thread read time is 7 hours. Have I really been spending that much time here?
-I have visited 188 days and made 143 threads. As a really rough guesstimate (according to autocorrect that is actually a word!) about 2 out of 3 days I visit I make a thread O_O
-I currently have one more heart given to me than I’ve given out, which seems odd since I feel like I rather generous with those things (Sharing is caring! everone gets the black plague)
-I’ve read 6K posts (if we are honest here a lot of them were probably cases of TLDR)
-Over 750 posts made

Other than posts read and solutions made I have higher forum stats than our resident regular here @Theundyingcode. Unless I misread something of course.
The only reason I don’t have the badge is because I was inactive for a few months due to life and I’m just slowly catching up.

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I’ve notice you in a few of the threads I decided to read (just me lurking not repllying except the one). I can help with the boosting of likes for you (atleast this one time).

Don’t give likes simply to be nice, give likes because of posts you like. Thats the point.
I still appreciate free hearts though :slight_smile:


Well maybe I like! lol

Fair enough I suppose. Fair enough.