Flag early, flag often

Just FYI, if enough people (3) flag a post, it will be hidden, so even if you see that a post has been flagged already, please flag it again if it’s a bad post.

The most productive thing you can do, particularly when someone is being very abrasive or disruptive is to flag them and move on. Optionally you can feel free to try and explain why you think their post is a problem, but frequently that just leads to engaging them and escalation.

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When I saw that one it hadn’t been flagged at all, but I figured it might be worth just trying a casual warning on account of it being his first ever post on the forums. CLEARLY that was a mistake.

Just flag, flag early, flag often.
The WORST thing that can happen directly based on flaging is that one post will get hidden. The only way it escalates further than that is if I see it and decide they’re not going to play nice (bandodging and bragging about it, abuse directed at other forum users, etc), then I might take further action.

to keep the community clean and toxic-free…

something i would flag is a post with excessive profanity, its just ruins the forum.

For myself, if i were to get flagged, i would want to know why. I can’t correct something i don’t know about.

How does flagging work exactly? It appears to be an honor based system.

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In other words, anyone and everyone can flag a post (Just press the three little dots in the bottom right, and click the flag that shows up.) On it’s own, it does nothing, except possibly mark it for a moderator/admin to have a look at. If it’s flagged 3 or more times it will be hidden, so it will appear as being flagged and hidden, and you have to press a button to see it. A mod/admin will look at it and if a rule has been broken, delete it and/or punish the person responsible. If not, I assume they can unflag/unhide it in the event it’s just 3 or more people being dicks.

You might get something flagged without warning, but unless you’ve broken a rule or 3 or more people decide you said something immoral, nothing will happen. If you DID break a rule, and you’re punished, I’m sure you’ll be made aware of it.

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Well, first of all don’t assume they’re all white, and second of all it’s their site, so they can censor whomever they want. Also, you can state your opinion without bashing and attacking someone else, and that’s why some posts need to be flagged, because they attack others…

Heck ya! I’ve been flagged several times and I had to clue why. Still don’t in fact. Supposedly, they were irrelevant to the thread, but I always reread my thread to double check and they seem to be fine.
I’ve probably already missed my opportunity to get my Regular badge back because in a thread about asking about contributing I asked something as well which got flagged but apparently nobody can ask questions if it isn’t the person who made the thread. That’s what it felt like if nothing else. How was I supposed to know that that was a thing?

Lemme add ‘think before you act’ to what Kevin said. No reason to piss people off due to some misunderstanding or what not. Although, technically, it is literally impossible to think before you act.

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Can I flag you for racism? Is that a possible excuse for flagging someone? Don’t just assume one’s ethnicity (I think that’s the correct word) like that.

i only flag people based on 3 things :

  1. Profanity, worst thing i’ve ever seen is a user replying to other user with soft/hard profanity word, which is bad for community.

  2. offensive reply, if the reply contain words to offense replied user, must be flagged…

  3. irrelevance, why would you post something that’s not related anyway?

but i never flag really often because im afraid im misusing the flagging system.

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Bah. Erased a rant. =\ He said flag early and flag often. I guess the people in charge are the ones that decide in the end. They know what’s best.

I’ve been flagged over ‘Being irrelevent’ before, but both times it didn’t seem irrelevent and made total sense to me.
You might as well flag someone for saying ‘Have a nice day everyone’ since the thread isn’t directly about that.

I don’t use the flag system in cases involving irrelevance since they could easily indeed be relevant and I just didn’t realize. Plus, I’m already enough of a hipocrit as it is.
Although, let’s be honest here, being a hippocrit (autocorrect tries to get me to say ‘hippo toy’ for some reason) is part of life.


Autocorrect knows hippocrit isn’t a word and it’s doing its best to keep you from looking silly.

You say that because you’ve never been hit by one.

I think it seems rather hypocritical to assume you’ve never had to deal with a hippo-crit xD

Wel sometims I have trouble speling.

ayy i don’t want to flag a guy saying have a nice day, that just damage me inside really bad :smile:

yeah, but irrelevant in my case is trying to steer an important topic out of its context. its just weird and feels like unnecessary.

I’ve had a comment disliked once, about 4-5 months ago. They didn’t have an option to dislike it, so I made sure to remember. Because their opinion matters. Welp, time to go back to eating mutated fetuses.