Flag early, flag often


Just FYI, if enough people (3) flag a post, it will be hidden, so even if you see that a post has been flagged already, please flag it again if it’s a bad post.

The most productive thing you can do, particularly when someone is being very abrasive or disruptive is to flag them and move on. Optionally you can feel free to try and explain why you think their post is a problem, but frequently that just leads to engaging them and escalation.

Overpowered Stuff in CDDA, from a New Player's Perspective

When I saw that one it hadn’t been flagged at all, but I figured it might be worth just trying a casual warning on account of it being his first ever post on the forums. CLEARLY that was a mistake.


Just flag, flag early, flag often.
The WORST thing that can happen directly based on flaging is that one post will get hidden. The only way it escalates further than that is if I see it and decide they’re not going to play nice (bandodging and bragging about it, abuse directed at other forum users, etc), then I might take further action.