Pine nuts and daily nutrition requirement is off by 1000 times?

In game

In game, 1 unit of pine nuts is:

  • 0.07 liters
  • 202 kcal.
  • 0.07 lbs (about 31.75 g)

In real life

The entry for dried pine nuts in the USDA data base says:

  • 673 kcal in 100 grams of pine nuts
  • 1 cup of pine nuts weights 135 grams

1 liter is about 4 cups. Actually, 4 cup = 0.946353 L.
1 liter of pine nuts should have 3423 kcal/L = (673 kcal / 100 g) x (135 g/cup) x (4 cup / 0.946353 L).
The weight of 1 liter of pine nuts is (135 g / cup) x (4 cup / 0.946353 L) = 570.6116 grams / L = 1.258 lbs / L.

In game, 1 unit of pine nuts is 0.07L, which should have:

  • 239.61 kcal = (3423 kcal/L) x 0.07L
  • 0.088 lbs = (1.258 lbs/L) x 0.07 L

“Your stomach is feels empty” after eating 60+ pine nuts…

We need to eat about 2500 kcal per day, which is about 10.4 units of pine nuts in game.

Calories per day for different age and gender. The unit here is Calorie. 1 Calorie = 1 kcal = 1000 calories = 1000 cal.

I still get the “your stomach is feels empty” message after my character eat 60+ units of pine nuts within a day.


Pine nuts are high fat:

Drying pine cone before extracting the nuts:

Game calories are kcal. Proof: view item in the inventory. It says: “Calories (kcal)”
So your calculation starts off with a wrong assumption.

With 673 kcal per 100g and 31.75 g in a handful equaling to roughly 30% x 673 kcal = 201,9 kcal.

So nothing wrong here. Sorry.

Please stop spamming new threads about this, you have some very fundamental misunderstandings about how nutrition in the game works, you need to read up and understand how that works in broad strokes before questioning how it works.

notice that after i check again. eating 10.4 units of pine nuts should be enough for a day. But that is not the case in game. I feed my character 60+ pine nuts and still it is not enough.


My bad. Sorry for spamming new threads. I didn’t notice when did the message stop appearing. The message is gone after I frantically compete with the local squirrels for a week. I thought my character was going to starve to death.

Maybe this should be a hint that the new hunger system needs a way to be disabled, maybe include it in the “simplified nutrition” :slight_smile:

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That is not possible, and is not going to happen.


I feel like the problem is more lack of documentation and not enough feedback to the player. It takes way too long too long to tell the player what’s happening, and by that point you’ll need a ton of calories to recover, so the player won’t understand why he is still hungry half an hour after eating a mountain of food.

Project Zomboid gives much quicker feedback on this aspect. You have the “hunger moodlet”, telling how full your stomach is, and they have your weight on your character window. Right next to the weight there is either an up or down arrow, letting you know that you ate more or less calories than you consumed in the last 24 hours.

CDDA could do something similar. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to display the weight to the player, you could display a line as soon as wake up, just like the well rested one. Something like “You feel like you didn’t consume enough calories yesterday.” or “You feel like you gained weight yesterday, but still have some catch up to do”, etc…

The second problem is documentation. The wiki is terribly outdated, and outside of it, the documentation is terribly scattered across multiple different pull requests. And since there is not enough info on the game it creates these issues. Unless you read the specific PR that implemented it, you wouldn’t know what peckish or very hungry or famished actually mean, and some of them only appear on a calorie deficit, etc.

Just like the new rule for having the summary in each PR for an automatic change-log helped a lot, there could be something similar for creating documentation on things that significantly change the game, and updating a line or two on small tweaks. Maybe start it voluntarily, like before merging a PR, ask the author or anybody else to write a few line on the relevant wiki page. I feel like it would help a lot.

This can help, if you are still confused:


Yes, that is a good idea.

But the graph and stuff makes it all look too complex, it dosnt help, you dont need to minmax the system and know exactly the thresholds etc, people dont consult graphs when they eat in real life.

But their body does give them signals vaguely indicating their energy reserves and so on, which is why the game printing hint messages every day could be useful, but I dont think its helpful to present these graphs and give people more ammunition to say the system is overcomplicated, because in practice, if you eat like you do in real life, with perhaps the same kind of feedback you get in real life, then you dont need to worry about the numbers at all.


Is eating food to a full stomach 3 times a day (the usual breakfast, lunch and dinner) a viable strategy in the new hunger system?

I feel this should be posted somewhere but whatever.

It should be, depending on what is eaten, the numbers were balanced against real-life numbers for calorie requirements, and stomach capacity, and food items calorie values and volume.

Depending on how many calories your survivor burns, of course, by doing various activities.


Either that or snacking constantly throughout the day has worked for me. Playing innawoods, I lean more towards constant snacking, since without meat a lot of the forageables aren’t very calorie dense, so if you eat every time you’re peckish you basically break even on calories.

With more calorie dense food, like meats and real cooked meals, eating two or three big meals works, though expect to have an empty stomach for a bit in between those eating periods. Your calories will be fine though.

I’m in a process of refreshing in-game main menu “help” and will update hunger and thirst section to explain in few sentences how the new hunger system works. Expect it soon. Unfortunately I think that’s not a place lot of people visit, but it’s better then nothing.