PB&J causes you to go from Very Hungry to Engorged

I noticed this yesterday, but someone said that this was normal behavior at the time… But now I’m not so sure.

After sleeping during the night, I was very hungry! So I got up and went to go and prepare a PB&J sandwich for myself. Put it together with some jam, peanut butter, and flatbread. After eating it though, I went from Very hungry to Engorged all at once.

This has happened literally every time I’ve eaten a PB&J sandwich. Any other sandwich is fine. I can eat boring sandwiches, meat sandwiches, and BLTs without a problem… But a single PB&J renders me unable to eat, and risking vomiting.

If this really is intentional, I’d like to suggest making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches a 2-part meal, instead of having to eat the whole thing in a single sitting.

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Check the calories for them, and if your using extra ingredients (dunno if there are any). Might be that the recipe is deciding to use just a ridiculous amount of peanut butter or jam, which would make the thing very filling.

It’s about 700 calories. Though, I’m not sure that would matter. I’ve eaten Lard 3 times in a row before getting full before, and that’s something like 900 calories.

The volume of a single sandwich is 0.25L the same as a cat tail stalk, which you can ALSO eat several of before getting full.

Current iteration of hunger system is borked to all hell and back. You eat something, you get hungry. Then you eat an apple and suddenly you are engorged. Then you wait some time, lose engorged but get slaked. Then something else. There’s no rhyme or reason for what’s happening.


I have experienced the same thing, only in my case it was a cheeseburger.

You can say that again.

I have found a stopgap measure to solve this. You either take a swig of heartburn medicine or smoke some form of marijuana before eating. This will allow you to eat one portion of food that would normally engorged you instead it should either bring you to satisfied or full. Note you’ll have to do this every time to eat such filling food.

Yeah, I keep getting arithmetical errors for all sorts of things. I just ate a piece of bacon which caused my game to crash, losing about an hour of playtime.

I’m guessing it’s the errors in the code with the new inventory item stuff, I like it, but it leaves some to be desired, especially since I have 8/19.8 liters of space, but I effectively only have 8/10 liters because reasons.
I’m guessing it’s counting the survivor harness’s storage, but since the harness can only hold one item of up to large volume, it doesn’t matter if it’s a .50 cal rifle or a single honey comb, you can’t hold more of something of smaller volume.

I’m waiting until these things are finished and polished up in the newer released. I’m using a 2 week old build anyway.

… You could put a bag into the harness and insert stuff into that. I could imagine that’s how it was meant to be used.

Good idea, never thought of that. But then it’ll mean that I won’t be able to holster my lucerne hammer or pike. I mean i suppose I could carry a non voluminous bag like maybe a dive bag or something, but I dunno if it means I can access it quick enough or still holster my hammer.

My complaint still stands, it says I have 8L of storage space left yet I can’t use any of it, even if I holster the weapon it doesn’t fill the space.

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So as the person who made the engorging PR I am aware that the changes made to alter stomach volume of food have issues. I’m eventually planning to add a cap on the amount of scaling of volume that can happen which I hope will make things a little less crazy.

That said please take a look at issues https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/41366 and https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/41060 and feel free to add more detail to these issues so that when I finish moving weather into JSON I can give this the polishing it deserves.


It currently counts volume of rigid containers inside your worn container(s) as available. So, let’s say you have 10L backpack (just an example, I don’t remember exact values) which has 8 0.5L cardboard boxes and some items with net 3L volume in it. One would think that available volume would be 10-8*0.5-3 = 3. But cardboard boxes are rigid, and technically you could put something inside them, so the calculation goes like this: 10-3=7. Congrats, you have 7 free liters, 4 of which are most probably useless but are technically available.

I’d imagine people would love a ‘large stomach’ non-thresh mutation that allows you to eat double what you usually can, and a threshold mutation for beast, chimera, etc of that nature, ‘Expansive stomach’ which allows you to eat four times your usual.

Since Rot put their lucerne hammer into the survivor harness, does that mean it can hold the zweihander? Not even the back scabbard or baldric is big enough to hold that sword.

Current version of hunger has an error in how it’s calculating satiety that’s making food with a high water content insanely filling.

In the process we also found that some food was incredibly lightweight, which made the game think it was very calorie dense… A peanut butter sandwich was equivalent to being made out of solid peanut butter for example. I’ve audited a few of the worst offenders but we’ll need to have a full look around. In the meantime, most foods will be fixed once the satiety equation stops messing with water weight.


I just tested it, sadly I can’t hold/sheathe a (+15 CHAOS) zweihander in my survivor harness.

Which is weird, since I can harness a 7+ foot/2.1+ meter pike, a 6 foot/2 meter lucerne hammer, yet I can’t holster a zweihander which is shorter and possibly lighter than both of these? Wack.

OK, this should be fixed. I’d appreciate if folks could go stress test it by trying to make absurdly filling food and seeing how much you can eat, or by trying to stuff yourself with unfilling food and seeing how long it takes.

With the equation working properly it should make it hard to gorge on dense foods before getting full, but you should still be able to eat quite a lot of stuff before throwing up.

If you find something that doesn’t work please share a picture of the item entry… I would like to know the item’s volume, weight, kcal, and at least roughly what ingredients are in it.

Looks good as far as I can tell. Even some other recipes seem to be allowing me to eat much more before being full.

Update… I just ate some malted milk balls, and after eating 4 of them, I went from Famished to Engorged.

Here’s the relevant information on the item in game:

Your blue icon coupled with the information made me think of Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Violet ignoring warnings and ballooning up. Requiring deflation from the oompa loompas lol

Keeping in line with the thread though. Does this effect happen with any small food item? I don’t have access to new versions at the moment.

I have partly fixed that particular bug by fixing the volume of malt ball, but I’m going to refine the satiety multiplier a bit so that it falls off at higher levels.

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