Cooked Acorn Meal is very filling?

Ate cooked acorn meal and went from very hungry to engorged? I don’t recall this happening in the past. I have been engorged for a fair amount of time it feels. Not sure if this is being addressed or is working as intended. Nor am I sure where I can go look to find the known bugs that are being fixed. If someone could point me in the right direction I will look before I post.

Despite taking same message slot, those 2 states have almost nothing in common. “very hungry” means that your stomach is empty AND you don’t have (much?)stored calories. “engorged” means your stomach is full to the brim but does not depend on your stored calories whatsoever. So you can be both engorged and famished (think you were hungry for a long time, then ate something with big volume but low to none calories) but you will only see engorged until your stomach becomes empty.

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Understood. I guess I had been eating berries regularily for some time. I guess an acorn takes up much more space in the stomach. I started playing after they made the “stomach volume” change so I that it was import.