Vehicle storage in a larger vehicle

In a few Bunker threads recently the idea of storing a small lootmobile inside a larger mobile base has come up. What if vehicles had a tile that could store a vehicle (obviously the vehicle would have to fit on those tiles) like a trunk/box/cargo space stores items?

Wow +1 cause i need this o_o

I’m not sure how this would work, but I support it.

Well, probably the same way trailers would. Make a “coupling” part that attaches externally to the frame, and “slots” into other “coupling” parts on other vehicles, as long as they end up on the same tile. They’d be activated manually, I guess, and if you have at least two of them attaching the same two vehicles together, it forms a rigid connection.

An alternative method would be to have special “floors” that let a vehicle intersect the other vehicle, and if a vehicle is entirely inside the space of such floors it will be moved together with the “mothership”.

Something like the vehicle-holding “floors” would be very nice. Or, add that code to the “cargo container” part, but make vehicles unable to enter if any/a significant amount of the volume storage is used. Like how you can’t close doors when a corpse/sweater is in the way. It frustrates me that I can’t put a shopping cart or bicycle into a car.

Yeah, this is definitely something that we want to add in, it’s just not the easiest bit of coding to accomplish.

Yes, Yes and more Yes (pretty please?).

Sounds good to me!

Maybe an elegant implementation would be that instead of a dedicated vehicle transport tile, floor trunks or aisles could accomodate a vehicle, as long as it is smaller and possibly uses some kind of ramp.

Ramp could be as simple as wood planks or metal board placed by hand, or could be built into the vehicle and motorised.
Player should offcoarse use rope or somesuch to fasten it into place ( this action should probably trigger code to temporarily merge both vehicles into a single one )

I imagine if normal cargo space is implementable this way, it’ll allow al kinds of cool stuff from simply putting a bike or motorcycle in the back of a pickup truck to Knight Rider style cool car in a truck.
Only thing we’ll need then is vehicles with sentient ai and a higly granular 80’s mullet simulator, but thats just details…

The “storage floor” thing is how I imagined it to work so you could drive a lootmobile into a mobile base, maybe tie it down then drive it back out when needed.

I was looking into this the other day but I am not a programmer so could not really do a lot lol.

I was messing with the boat mods and trying to use them to make a bridge by placing a load in a line to the other side.

But the vehicles where just hitting them.

So I was looking for a way to make them be able to drive on top.
I am not getting very far with it though LOL.

Any way I wonder if any one would be willing to take up this challange it would be amazeing to be able to have trailers and stuff like that in this game :open_mouth:

(De)coupling trailers would be a different aspect but maybe an easier starting implementation. Would make trains aboveground and in subways more possible too.

do you think it would be possible to put the vehicle in a “loading phase” turning it into terrain and allowing the smaller vehicle to move onto acceptable vehicle parts?

Not really, terrain and vehicles are totally different data structures and aren’t really interchangeable (even furniture and terrain can’t be easily switched back and forth).

That said the most likely thing that will show up first IMO is coupling/decoupling through trailer hitches.

that would be great to see this come to life :slight_smile:

so many cool things would come of this I think.

Is there a PR going for it?.


How does the game handle vehicle collision detection? As a method of the vehicle structure itself, or independently?

Also, does the engine limit how many vehicle part tiles can exist on one coordinate? Like say, vehicle tiles are contained also in a map coordinate structure rather than vehicle objects haveing a coordinate data?

Has there been any more progress on this?

It would be great to have this and a tow bar :slight_smile:

Just a shameless bump :stuck_out_tongue: incase some one has missed this and might feel like takeing on the challange.

OH how I wished I was a programmer

Buildable bridges are in the game now, right?
Can you drive a vehicle over them?

How feasible would it be to adapt the code from those into a vehicle tile? That might work for being able to drive a vehicle into another one without collison, keeping it there during motion is a different thing though.

Yeah bridges was some thing I mentioned on the IRC I said could we adapt them to the vehicle construction.

have zero idea though :frowning:

Yup, I added the buildable bridges. It was my first addition, actually. However, that’s because it was really easy. It was basically making a new terrain type that you’re able to drive over, and then adding construction options for it.

Unfortunately, vehicles are a whole separate beast from terrain. I did the bridge PR all in the json and mostly adapted existing terrain/constructions. Adding vehicle storage would require proper storing of vehicle data, correctly rotating it in relation to vehicles, handling what happens to it when the sorting vehicle gets damaged, writing an exception into vehicle collision code to be able to drive them over another, and I’m sure there’s more stuff that I’m forgetting. It’d be a huge project, which is why no one is tackling it.

I do understand the urge to have a small exploration vehicle you can stash inside your giant mobile command center, which is why I did some expansions of the folding vehicle code. Right now, (in experimental builds of course), there’s about 2 to 3 times more foldable parts, including smaller batteries, alternators, a new foldable shopping cart basket, lights, etc, and it properly calculates volume for foldable parts. They’re still limited to foot cranks and hand rims for propulsion, but you can quickly weld on an electric motor if need be since you can leave smaller batteries on there. I know it’s not the full feature you guys want here, but it was a reasonable compromise instead of several days of coding and weeks of nasty bug fixing.