Ammo-based vehicle turrets still broken

  1. Ridiculously inaccurate.
  2. Will frequently “fire” but have a range of 1, wasting ammo.
  3. Will crash if firing a projectile that can be recollected (bolts/arrows/etc).
  4. Don’t seem to factor in the armor piercing value.

When testing an M249 against a zombear.

  1. It took 346 .223 bullets to kill.
  2. In a full burst of 30 bullets, average 8 rounds will be fired on the target tile, of those 6 will miss. The remaining bullets will scatter uselessly.
  3. 20% of the time the bullet will be deflected due to innate armor.

It seems to be an issue with range; at range 4 they were able to consistently hit; but turrets will automatically fire at whatever’s in range and for the M249 that’s pretty significant.

Bumping this because it’s still not fixed.

Edit: It seems that turret accuracy is directly linked to the weapon’s volume. The higher the volume, the more inaccurate the weapon.