Vehicle Turret Problems

Boards are set to location “center” when it should be “structure”. Currently you can place board on top of frames. This may be intended though. If this is true, then some vehicles lack boards; one example is the Armored Car. Zombies can stroll right into it.

Turrets will fire on hallucinations. Quite dangerous with flamethrowers.

If you create a turret that arrows or bolts, the game will crash after they fire it. Presumably it’s the coding that leaves a chance for bolts/arrows to remain after shooting them is causing the crash.

Vehicle turrets are massively inaccurate. The dispersion effect completely ruins them since they don’t have skill/perception bonuses to counteract the penalties.

Vehicle turrets seems to make the same amount of noise no matter what guns it uses.

Changing boards to ‘center’ was deliberate. Some vehicles need extra boards added to them because it used to be that you couldn’t put a board over a wheel (the new system allows this). I only updated the cube van when I added this, only because I wasn’t sure of where boards should go on the other vehicles - feel free to update them.

Ah so it’s deliberate.

It does disable the ability to reinforce them with armor though. And boards have not been boosted in terms of durability.

Found another bug, turrets that require external ammunition will not accept large amounts of ammunition. You need to drop a single unit of it first; afterwards there seems to be no limit.

I’ve got a PR up that will fix the turret inaccuracy and hallucination problems waiting for review right now.