Vehicle Temperature Weirdness

Version 479c41
Windows 8

When going forwards, in a vehicle, my temperature seems to lower, but when going backwards, my temperature raises, by about 40-50 degrees Celsius depending on how fast you’re going either way.

I’m using a modified motorcycle, larger engine, bigger battery, more wheels, steel plating etc.

I thought this bug was fixed. Oh well.

So did I. You on latest?

The version is on the first post.

$git log 479c41
fatal: ambiguous argument ‘479c41’: unknown revision or path not in the working tree.

Not any version git knows about.

That is the version that appears in the main menu.
It’s also known as 2313 (from the experimental download menu).

I took a look at my branch, and it seems like any time the wind function is called, the absolute value of the vehicle wind speed is used. You might have an out of the date version?