Vehicle wheel error

When I update to the newest experimental, this happens when I tried starting my vehicle:

The I’m using tank treads for wheels. Could it be the source of the problem?

Additional information:

Between the version updates, the vehicle went from:

Safe/top speed: 37/514 km/h
Acceleration: 3 km/h/t

K aerodynamics: 48%
K friction: 17%
K mass: 98%

to this:

Safe/top speed: 0/514 km/h
Acceleration: 0 km/h/t

K aerodynamics: 48%
K friction: 100%
K mass: 0%

I tried debugging in another car to test, and they work just fine.

Nevermind. It turns out that there were some borked up formatting in the latest Vehicle Additions Pack mod hosted in mediafire which didn’t get the tweak that older github version did.