Vehicle rollcages

Internal and external. Because safety makes sense.

Doop doop doop…

…But why would we need this in a 2d RL ACSII game? Cars don’t roll here.

If vehicles could roll it might be worthwhile, however…

Might not be a bad idea for a “lightweight” vehicle frame.


Now I want vehicles to roll.

Rollcages keep cars rigid = armor.

Not YET they don’t! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :smiley:

Not YET they don’t! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D[/quote]

Suddenly has a mental image of the RMCC rolling

Suddenly has a mental image of the RMCC rolling[/quote]

Great! A new ultimate weapon! Just when accidental fire is not enough.

Really, why should vehicles roll? There are no slopes in the game right now.

Turn too sharp, the roll starts, uncontrollable you roll through several Z’s bounce off a wall then gasp gas pumps. Sliding to a stop just before hitting the pumps you undo you seat belt. With a bump you fall to the ground and crawl out the window.


Turn too sharp, the roll starts, you bounce around inside the vehicle because you don’t have a seat belt on. Maybe you even get flung out the window. Then road rash gets added.

We could add a “roll” or “flip” mechanic that deals the damage, and does the flinging, the question is whether it’s worthwile. I’m mostly leaning toward “sudden death from turning too hard” isn’t a particularly fun mechanic to add.

Weeeeell I had no intention of suggesting actual rolling.
Just wanna be able to keep my vehicles more intact with the help of internal and external armor, making things less flimsy.

You could in theory encase just about anything in a cage to make it a lot more sturdy. Pretty heavy though.
A roll cage in particular would of course optimize shock dampening for rolls but you can configure that however you want, especially with some mechanics knowhow.

Have some miscellaneous reading.
[size=6pt]Nascar books, anyone?[/size]

I like that idea better. Maybe like a little half cage to cover just the driver’s side.

I think we need ‘aluminum pipe frame’ for vehicles. It’s basically an open box pipe frame that works like a regular frame but absorbs shock damage better but has less protection to things inside, requiring plating if you want that stuff protected.

Seems like a good use for the pipes after disassembling a trampoline, growl face, which should leave alot of piping.

Have you seen the additions I added recently? …They’re still buggy as fuck at the moment, but if you’re not afraid to push the 5 ton barrier you can get a pretty solid vehicle going.