Vehicle Professions Mod (Outdated, Only for Stable 0.F or Late 0.E Experimental)

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Hey there!
With Starting vehicles becoming a thing, i have now added a couple profession (of which i will add more in the future) in this Mod. Now you can finally start with a vehicle you can call your own!
I call it Eir’s Roadrage!

What This mod offers so far:

7 Well balanced Professions

- A Day Driver with a Car, the equivalent of a Taxi Driver. you sure know how to turn the wheels towards the tightest corner and reach the destination in time.

- A EMT for Firetruck, skilled in First aid and arriving in time to extinguish fire with the Waterhose.

- A Serviceman with a Cheap Cube Van. You know your Electronics and the basics in mechanics, to repair technical equipment on point.

- A Schoolbus driver, that finally does not have to deliver noisy brats to school.

- A Police Interceptor,responding to a call to stop a robbery, only to be met by unatural resistance. any try to call for reinforcement are met by radio silence. its only your trusty car you can rely on.

- A Militia with Technical. you were prepared for this all along, and turned your Toyota Hilux into a more Sturdy machine to last you longer in this apocalypse. does that and your gear last for the challenges ahead?

- A Park Ranger with a Pickup truck. telling people to not start forest fires and how to prevent them, it turns out that listening to the Survivor Note on a abandoned Camp helped you just to escape in time. prepared with your typical ranger gear like tools, a rollmat and youre useful defense baton, you are more than prepared to drive to safety.

Planned Features:

If you have any suggestions or found any problems,or just want to tell us how you think of the mod, please tell me here! you can also message me on discord!

“If you want a thing done well, do it yourself.” -Napoleon

Download the mod here!
Installation Guide: Put the Folder from the drive in Dark Days Ahead\cdda\data\mods
Update Guide: Just overwrite the content of the existing Folder with the new content.


  • Added Police Interceptor profession.
  • Added Militia profession.
  • Added Park Ranger profession.

Mad Scientist with a Broken Delorean?
Dead male child/teen in the passenger seat and a sports car with some fusion tech engine.

or a

1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Futura Duplex limo-style endloader (random optional ambulance conversion)…because I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Just a thought :grin:


I totally like the idea of mad scientist and Ghost busters, il add it to the list and give the scientist a bubble car that you can find in labs (since i stick with vanilla vehicles), and that coffin car for the ghost buster one.


If vanilla. Don’t we have a sports car with a mini reactor inside it? Unless I’m remembering an older version of the game, that could be a renamed as a “Delorean”. Back to the Future reference for any non-USA folks =D

Last I heard, atomic vehicles were being shuffled out of core CDDA as the timeline has aligned to near future and less sci-fi in that regard.

Not sure where the logic sits of that if true. Power armor=yes, similar mass production in vehicles to spread the logistical cost over the population= no?

Not doubting you. Just would seem incongruous to the game, the way its been right along with science fiction.

I think the expectation is that the military and laboratories have more advanced tech, but the idea of joe down the street owning a plutonium powered car is too far.

Fair point. I was accustom to that tech level being widespread as to cover the cost.

It does’n’t make sense if you ask me. And yes, i know what the working explanation is. But there are still a lot of stuff in game that don’t abide to that. And yes, eventually it might get removed but the whole assumption of: “It is like real world except it isn’t when it comes to military tech” is imho, not completely satisfactory. And I wouldn’t be surprised if, in few years down the line, even most military futuristic tech will get removed.

More generally speaking, changing a setting of a game that far in development (if you can call it that in case of a free roguelike) is just… weird.

Not really that weird when the game has no objective ‘finished’ goal. The technology timeline just got updated to even make cybernetics technically alien to the world, although this only just happened, and is still just starting to get reflected in changes for the new Exodii faction that brought said CBM’s.

The explanation for military gear does make sense in a satisfactory way, at least to me. They had access to the foreign technology and resources from the dimensional exploration leading up to the cataclysm, and had started deploying prototype systems from that technology, while hiding the actual origin of it.


So we won’t have CBMs any longer as a found item in labs and military? It reads to “handwave” neural CBMs; No idea what that means. Sounds like no brain connection cbms maybe? Which, if that is the case wouldn’t make much sense as almost all cybernetic implants would have to connect to the brain in some capacity in order to function. Eyes, hands etc…
(obviously not armor or similar)

Removing everything military from the civilian population would be silly and flatly ignorant. There is a lot of military items that are owned by civilians. Youtube at a glance will prove the strange crap people have in their posession. I would dare say the private sector also has technology that can in some instance surpass what the military has. Computers are not military. The government buys from the private sector all the time. Hell, even fighter jets are bought from the private sector. People can buy them. People own tanks. But not many civilians want a 20 million dollar ride they cannot drive on the road. But people can buy this crap. Are all items open to the public. No. Not at all my point. But Much of the tech the military employs does end up in civy hands. Plus when all research facilities get broken into. This too will proliferate everything to the population at large. It would not be out of the realm of reason that a base of NPCs could have a few of these rare odd ball items. Plus facilities like the Hub would trade stuff.


I get the feeling this topic gets derailed, as it should be about Eiee’s* mod and not about what should be in the base game and what shouldn’t. But anyway…
*@Eirenex, in your profile you say we can shorten your name as we like, so I go with Eiee :grin:

While maybe true, I highly doubt that a one year old technology would be sold to everyone who has the money. Because, you know, that’s a new and (hopefully) powerful weapon against the chinese threat** and it would be a shame if it got into the enemies hands.
**Based on the lore of the game.
Take railguns for example. You can’t buy any of those (legally) right now (yes, there are “toy” versions and you could even build your own, but you can’t get your hands on the one from the navy), even though they are known for quite some time.

Validating my comment then:

Plumber’s Pickup:
Contains a toolbox, some misc plumbing scraps and a trusty baseball cap and a pack of tobacco in the glove compartment.

I agree. Building one however seems reasonable if another rare item could be had. The power supply. Anywho. I’m out, mostly because I don’t wanna continue inhis thread and also because I agree with your points of contention :slight_smile:

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First time someone shortened my name like that. haha. its fine though when people discuss things, its good to know if a vehicle type might not exist anymore

And about what you posted @TheZoneWizard. a Pickup truck does sound like a nice idea. could totally do a plumbing profession with a pickup truck. but id spawn the items on the profession itself rather than making the vehicle have a chance to house these. let me tinker with this idea and il have it out. feel free to suggest clothings and items too that a plumber could have, or else i go with a very stereotype plumber look:smile:

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Handyman profession works…well ok not as a plumber(nail gun lol), but similar :slight_smile:

One of my favoritestart up professions. I like the multi-tool and boots. Normally I strip naked and keep the tool belt, multi-tool and boots + nail gun.

i used the idea of pickup to give to the park ranger. they also start with hammer and multi tool so with the building mats collected later on, you could start building too! though i definately wanna have that classic handyman car service, i might go with pickup or go with a cheapo vehicle, like a normal car, beetle or the hippie van.

If you were feeling rather bored you could design a Jeep with a hefty ass end. I’m sure whats their name retooling Blaze vehicles wouldn’t mind.

cant download with the link

its not a direct download link. you have to pick the mod in the google drive, rightclick and press download on it.