Vehicle ideas

I didn’t see one, so I figured I’d make one

Alternator: Charge storage batteries via a gas engine. Doesn’t consume extra fuel, you just have to drive. (don’t know if this is behavior that already exists to simplify headlights)

I noticed I don’t think the RV Unit takes energy to run. Seems a little overpowered, though I have noticed a tendency for me to run a ways away before realizing I can’t cook if I don’t carry the right materials.

Tank, battery, solar panel info: I couldn’t find in the text or wiki on actual numbers for this kind of thing, like % charge per time, capacity, etc. Couldn’t even find info on whether or not water tanks could be filled with clean or any water.

Do headlights even take power? I see them on gas cars I think, but don’t see storage batteries.

I just had an idea: a flat-bed or trailer add-on (attached by applying a chain), so you could make a motorbike/buggy and park it in a heavier vehicle. Would be convenient to drive through a town on a small vehicle, but leave your home fortress on the outskirts.

Breaks! increases the deceleration ability of the car, good for stopped before buildings or quickly turning around, they install on tires.

I’m not sure if you figured out those questions you asked, but I’ll just answer them anyways.

RV unit on the wiki says it requires a storage battery and charges to run. Water tanks can only be filled with clean water. If you tried to fill it with uncleaned water it will notify you.

Headlights do not require power which is strange… they could use power if the alternator get implemented. That’s how real cars work anyways.

Brakes should be required to even… well brake… without brakes or with broken brakes your car/mobile fortress shouldn’t even be able to well… brake at all.

If you have brakes on one wheel while the other 3 don’t have them then your car should skid out of control(I think. Never driven a car with only one brake operational.) when you try to slow down using the brakes.

My suggestions for the vehicle system are these:

  1. Larger vehicle build limit. I want to build a larger mobile fortress.
  2. How about taking the stem cell system and putting it into the vehicle?
  3. Shower and Toilet or perhaps even a bath? Hot tub ya… ok joke aside… showering should give a bonus to morale while bathing should give double that of showering. This should also help prevent diseases.

I’m sure there’s more to add, but I can’t think of it right now.

I’d like the ability to place headlights with different facings. I know they generally point forward but a zombie survival truck would benefit from all around illumination, and it would also be useful for base lighting.

Also, placeable omnidirectional lights for inside your vehicle.

A transparent part between windscreens and boards in durability, possibly a chain link mesh which doesn’t keep out weather but does block movement, as well as a combined mesh/glass part which has the properties of both, strong but also blocks weather. Also perhaps a tank-style vision block which is as tough as a board but which you can only see through if you’re right next to it.

Tank treads as propulsion? Stack them vertically and they add to the durability and run-things-over ability of each other. Not terribly fuel efficient but a big one would be nigh-indestructable and repairable using scrap metal (and a high mechancis skill) in the event it does break. A big tank vehicle should be able to drive straight through most buildings without caring.

Also perhaps some of the more reinforced vehicle armor variants could make you flat out immune to low-level attacks? And zombies wouldn’t try (or be able) to bash their way through an armor plated exterior?

Driveable Abrams, rarely spawning in military base, with working cannon and few shells in ammo box inside. Stylish way to make entry into un-enterable place-

I am already kind of sad about zombies smashing through boards. Is it even possible for a human to smash through steel plating with fists without breaking all of his bones in the process?

Uuuuuuh… No. They’d probably smash their bones in hands, then smash themselves to bloody pulp. You can bend steel pipes with right amount of power (depends on their thickness of course), usually a good kick, but steel plating… No way.

I do think it should be possible to make a vehicle armored enough to just shut the door and not care about what happens on the outside as far as small zombies go. It’d be pretty heavy but you should be able to sit in it and be quite comfortable. Even go to sleep.