Vehicle disapeared after crash

I was riding my motorcycle when game crashed. Now when i try to load it shows my on foot, and if i try to walk game freezes. Windows version. Debug log says “C:\Users\jenny\Desktop\cygwin\home\Kyratzes\Cataclysm-DDA\game.cpp[6528]: game::pldrive error: can’t find vehicle! Drive mode is now off.” Am i screwed, or there’s some way to fix this?

Characters and vehicles are saved separately. Vehicles are only saved when the map saves, which is only after you go back to the main menu and select “quit”. Your motorcycle should be where it was the last time you quit the game without crashing, as should any items you picked up before crashing. If you’ve not quit the game since finding it then it should be back where you found it.

if i remember correctly, it should be next to my “lair”. Gonna search last visited locations.
BTW, i had to spawn myself another one, then jump out of it, to continue my game without freezing everything. Strange thing it spawned directly under my ass, so i actually could “Shift+E” out.

They’re not saved even if you select the “autosave” in the options, and wait a sec for it to save? I thought that was saving the map.

No trace of my vehicle. Btw, it was custom built from scratch. Maybe that’s related somehow? In my backup save (a couple of in-game days earlier) it’s still here, so definitely was saved at least once after being built. Magic! Will post if i can make similar thing to another vehicle.

I had a vehicle disappear in one of my recent games too …

I found a car that had spawned inside a garage, and, after dropping some of my gear in the trunk, I decided that it would be a good place to save off for the night. I loaded it back up the next day and the car had vanished completely. This was with the Linux Emulator setup, in case it makes any difference.

Did you exit via the ‘exit game’ option on the main menu? Because the game doesn’t save the world if you don’t/

In my case, I can’t say for certain, so it’s possible that’s what has caused it.