Vehicle cooler kinda useless?

I know how energy and irl coolers work, alright, but the vehicle cooler is effectively useless when you want to cool off and it produces the hot air and the cold air in the same spot. It also doesn’t help that the hot air seems to be slightly more than the cold air, leading to it basically being a slightly less effective heater. Thought I’d give my character a break in summer, nope, just hotter air for you buddy.

I don’t know if it’s possible to do so, but if the tile in front of the part(the side facing the ‘vehicle’s’ front) could produce the cold air and the tile at the back could produce the hot air then it’d go a long way to make the part useful while still keeping to realism.

Sounds like someone didn’t bother to test the thing.

It would still be useless as soon as you started driving. The problem is, even if the vehicle is fully closed, the air is still moving through it as if it was just a motorbike or the like. So each turn it would produce cold air, yes, but it seems cooler produces it at the beginning of a turn, and at the end of a turn your vehicle, and, consequentially, you are already 5+ tiles away from the patch of that slightly-colder air.

Unless air temp calculations are changed to actually treat vehicle interior as, well, interior, vehicle cooler is absolutely useless.

While that may be a necessary thing for it to function well while driving, I was planning to use it as a passive cool air generating station in my base. I used to praise it for how it allowed you to make an entire room freezing and store your food in there, and how it helped during a mi-go place raid to deal with the heat inside it, but that was back when it only produced cold air and no heat byproduct.

Does your vehicle have a muffler? IIRC, having one spawns exhaust smoke from the muffler tile instead of from the engine tile, maybe the vehicle cooler is supposed to leverage the same code?

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Mufflers were indeed the solution. Thanks. Knocked out a bathroom’s window and push the 1x3 contraption in there, cooler in the room, impassible board in the middle for minimal leaks, and muffler outside the room where the heat goes. Now I can store insane amounts of food in my new freezer room and not rely on the piddly little volume of the minifreezer.