Is a walk-in freezer room a viable idea?

Can anyone save me the time of building one to test and tell me whether I can cool down a small (say 2x3) room on my death-mobile to freezing temperatures with vehicle mounted coolers?

The forum search is your friend:

So it’s probably save to assume that it’s possible.


Thank you - making room for a 1x3 freezer room where I otherwise would have put six mini freezers. A couple of cargo carriers in there will provide twice as much space for frozen food (6x75=450 L, 2x500=1000 L).

I don’t think it will work on a death-mobile, because the walls aren’t sealed. It may work when parked, though.

Oh. I’ll finish mine anyway and do some testing - which will be somewhat complicated as it’s the middle of winter where I am…

It should work, as car walls, roofs and doors do seal against temperature.
Although you are probably right that a moving car will probably not keep its temperature. I guess that shouldn’t be that much of a problem, as food only slowly defrosts and will freeze again over night.


I think that vehicle coolers are only aircons now instead of freezers.

I managed to get a few tiles in basement to -4’C. Pending more parts to test if coolers will stack (needs to be -18’C or something to stop spoilage?).

Otherwise, the accepted way for storing a lot of frozen goods seems to be an ice lab.

You could double layer the walls to keep it sealed while turning

This is not actually a problem. You are driving for just a fraction of all the time, so there’s no need to worry about the cold briefly escaping.

Taking the bulkheads out and going with original plan of having six minifreezers instead; I’ve already got seven of them humming away in my underground lair, full of meat, cheese and chocolate bars(!), so have some experience of deploying them at scale :slight_smile:

Ah, yes: If you aren’t hording tainted fat to make biodiesel, then your freezer storage requirements are very low. You can smoke/dehydrate the meat with portable smoking racks and then store it in the open. Chocolate already lasts a very long time on its own.

Yes, it seems to be: Vehicle cooler kinda useless? - #17 by ThinkSome

You can use this as a big freezer in the winter and refrigerator in spring/autumn. This is because the cooler only drops temperature by 10’C. They do not stack.

Well, if the temperature is dropped 10 degrees it should result in underground coolers bringing the temperature below freezing (although not nearly as low as the recommended temperature for freezers, but it still ought to help, and I’m not sure the game makes a distinction as long as the temperature is below freezing anyway). In that scenario you’d need an additional underground room for the heat to go into, though.

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