Vehicle-mounted heater

Where can I find one? I haven’t seen one in any vehicle I’ve found, and also do they work??

Last I recall vehicles automatically moved your temperature towards comfortable if they’re enclosed and running.

Good to know, though I guess that doesn’t help me in my base at all.

To clarify, all engines on vehicles have a heater that warms that tile, and that tile only.
Vehicles count as sheltered in general.
I added a new craftable vehicle mounted heater, that outputs hot air, that should warm the surrounding tiles aswell, this cannot be found in the world, only crafted.
( The underlying item is a battery-powered heater jury rigged to run off vehicle e-power, battery-powered heaters arent common in real life, though if “powered furniture” makes it way into the game, then mains-powered heaters could and should be used for this purpose )

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I crafted the vehicle heater, but I can’t seem to install it anywhere. Are there some prerequisites before it appears in the installable part list?

I had this problem when I tried them out. It sits on the center layer for some reason, like seats or cargo spaces or the kitchen center, instead of being mounted in the floor like you’d expect. It also blocks the walkway, so placement is tricky.

Wow that’s very strange. It shouldn’t be that large you’d think, but from a balancing perspective given how vehicles work it may be best.

I can change the layer it is built on. You are right that it shouldnt impede movement.

Yeah, ideally you’d want to mount it below like a floor trunk, for heating efficiency.

Out of curiosity, how large of an area can it heat? Does proper insulation, closing windows and such, help to keep the warm air around or is the fields system not that sophisticated yet?

Insulation and draughts are not modelled yet.
However the hot air gas field will disperse much quicker when the tile is outside, and especially when it is windy.

Indoors, it will spread to a 6-tile radius or so with diminishing warmth the further out it is.

So I can’t expect it to fill a room and stay inside? Damn. Oh well, maybe someday.

It will stay inside as long as the heater is on.
if the heater is off, the gas field will slowly disperse.
There is now a debug menu option to see temperature of fields so you can test the dispersion for yourself, but indoors definitely disperses slower than outdoors.
Once we have draughts/insulation thatll be better modelled.

I meant more along the lines of will it fill something like a long thin corridor or a evac shelter if I build walls over the windows and such.
Sounds super cool though, I can’t wait to play with it.