[Vehicle Additions Pack] Roof mounted turrets hitting own vehicle

I recently started up a fresh install and new playthrough on 1/6/18 using the launcher with the Vehicle Additions Pack (blazemod) and the roof mounted turrets were behaving just fine, and a few seemingly minor updates later everything I mount on the roof, even on a new world, and even with just default vehicles using default roof mounted weaponry, the shots fired hit my own vehicle unless I mount them up front and only fire over frames or “open” space. I’m pretty sure this isn’t supposed to happen as theres even some code in turret.cpp on line 235:

void turret_data::prepare_fire( player &p )
// prevent turrets from shooting their own vehicles
p.add_effect( effect_on_roof, 1 );

I’m not sure if there are any blazemod experts here, but has anyone else ever run into this? Ive even pulled the latest version of the Vehicle Additions Pack from the master CDDA on github, and its still not fixing it, the only version of the mod that seemed to work in regard to not self-damaging my own vehicle into oblivion is the version of the mod that came from the CDDA Launcher and I’m not sure which one that was.

EDIT: Just reinstalled the game and the mods from the launcher to a fresh folder as i did when it wasn’t inadvertently blowing my own vehicles up, and its still doing it. I’m guessing a recent update broke the “no vehicle self damage” aspect.

EDIT2: Just did a clean install into another fresh folder but with no mods whatsoever, and the default roof mounted weapons are still hitting the vehicle right after they’re fired, now I’m convinced its either just the way its supposed to be and the one time I got it to fire without blowing my ass up was just a fluke, or I’m crazy.

I’m getting the same issue, and like you thought blazemod was the cause. However, on making a fresh install of today’s experimental and setting up a world with only default options the problem still occurs with debug menu spawned vehicles.

It’s odd that there don’t seem to be any other reports of this.

Maybe it has something to do with the update that made carts un-boardable? Sorry I don’t know more, or if that’s even what is causing this to happen.

I’m not currently using a vehicle with turrets so I haven’t noticed it myself but I just posted the issue to github so hopefully the people able to fix it will be looking at it now.

It happened to me today. Turreted grenade launcher in the middle of a 5 tile windshield went off in my lap instead blowing up a horde. Might have been an absurdly short range miss but it would be nice if mounted weapons weren’t total wastes of time and energy.

Thanks, they’ve now fixed this issue, and some other odd projectile behavior.

–Side question, since I don’t want to make a whole knew thread for this and it is still somewhat relevant:
Can you make turrets that shoot on their own, or are they something you need to use manually? And if they do shoot on their own, are they stupid enough to shoot nearby you at an enemy you are attacking and might hit you instead?

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I don’t know if the vehicle additions pack mod changes anything, but yeah, turrets can be set up to shoot automatically. They will refuse to fire and beep if you’re in the way, though they may shoot friendly NPCs if they’re dumb enough to step into the line of fire. (Which they are, so be careful)

If you use mod this, craft or find turret chasis, instal it and gun on top of it. Then in vehicle control you can change aiming mod

Yeah looks like it’s resolved, working across the board.