Vehicle addition thread?

I had downloaded a compiled version of the game from roughly Jan of this year and it came with a version of the vehicle additions mod where ALL of the turrets strike your own vehicle, I can not for the LIFE OF ME find anywhere on google or otherwise, it’s like some sort of mind virus has taken over people where they just cannot and will not link to where this supposed " updated fix " exists. Also to note this websites layout and -list- format doesn’t lend well to finding up-to-date mod content.

After nearly pulling my hair out trying to resolve this issue I’ve basically discovered that the game is now more or less updated daily on the " launcher " that I had to do a bit of digging to locate.

Check out the lab, I’ve been collecting and updating mods into a modpack. I like lots of mods and spend a lot of time fixing the game breaking errors and trying to make them work together nicely. The communities feedback helps me improve things.

The current version of Vehicle additions in my pack is part of the Ascension mod. It’s not as up to date as the mainlined version of Vehicle additions, but I’ve been fixing that over time.

As for the launcher, that’s a side project by an awesome contributer named RemyRoy. We used to have to do it all by hand…I will propose a stickie that just includes the launcher so the message doesn’t go out of date in 3 days…

p.s. to save hair pulling: A wandering updater appears! Updated 11/2/18

The bug that caused vehicle turrets to shoot the vehicle wasn’t a bug in Vehicle Additions Pack, it was a bug in the core code and updating the version of the mod won’t fix the bug.