Main Battle Tank

I dunno if this vehicle comes from mod or not (I always got it on) but it’s turrets are totally unresponsive even on ‘like new’ vehicle.

  1. You enable turrets.
    Log: Turrets: Enabled.
    Log: Turret system is on, but all turrets are configured not too shoot.
  2. Configure individual turrets - the menu is empty, nothing to choose from.
  3. Aim turrets.
    Log: Can’t aim turrets: all turrets are offline.

It’s either me not getting it or it’s broken.

Oh for fuck’s sake…

Man the gun physically. This is normal behavior for Blazemod mounted guns, they’re changed to be manual-only. Find the seat where the actual cannon is installed, sit there, unwield whatever weapon you might be holding, fire.

Blaze seriously needs to put some fair warning in the description of Vehicle Additions Pack.

It’s actually my fault - I forgot to disable turret enable/disable and warnings for manual-only turrets. It should explicitly say “turrets are enabled, but no turret has autotargeting ability, they all need to be manned”

That would be handy, but additional warning in Blaze’s mod description would also help avoid the endless questions about this.

Sorry guys, didn’t mean to be annoying. And thanks for help!

It’s fine, I’m mostly just frustrated due to how common this issue is, again due to lack of good ways to give players ample warning about this. ^^"