0.9-4095-g3490e08 mounted turrets still shooting their own vehicles

gratefully they’ve stopped shooting the driver, but mounted turrets still shoot up the vehicle they’re mounted on.

Thanks for the report!
A fix has been created by BevapDin and merged. More details can be found here:

As always, thanks for finding this bug. If you notice this bug is not fixed, please reply to that github link and/or this forum thread. In order to verify this bug has been fixed, compile the cataclysm source from the github page at https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA or download cataclysm from the latest experimental link links at http://en.cataclysmdda.com/ and test it.

thanks! i can hardly wait to test it!

That PR seems to PREVENT the turret from shooting when in a vehicle, bu if there was a roof, what should it do? Not a fix.