Various simple ideas

long time lurker, but first post of any kind so sorry if there are glaring mistakes.
I have been thinking about a bunch of stuff that could be added, so I figured I just throw them out there.
Hopefully some of them turn out to be good ideas.

chemical/medical stuff
-phenol from distilling asprin or willow bark

-gypsum(CaSO4), found in drywall (aka smash walls to get), can be mixed with an acid to get sulfuric acid

-ammonia from bird litter (placeholder for urea) and quicklime, (urea+quicklime->limestone+ammonia)

-eggshells as a byproduct of some egg recipes, can be ground to make limestone (alternative source to mining)

-acetone from distallation of limestone and acetic acid with quicklime as a byproduct

-acetic anhydrate from acetone (distallation produces ethenone) and acetic acid

-antibotics(sulfanilamide aka sulfa drugs),from ammonia, phenol, acetic anhydrate, hydrocholoric acid, sulfuric acid,lye(analog for sodium bicarbonate)
recipe breaks down like so
-ammonia + phenol->aniline
-aniline+acetic anhydride->acetanilide+acetic acid
-hydrocholoric acid+sulfuric acid->chorosulphonic acid
-acetanilide+chorosulphonic acid+ammonia+sulfuric acid+lye+hydrocholoric acid->sulfanilamide

-flour paste, an alternative to bone glue that can be made of flour and water.

-chloroform, alternative to ether, made from bleach and acetone,bleach+acetone->chloroform+lye

-antique fire grenade, a CCl4 based fire suppression grenade made from, grenade casing components, chloroform, salt water with electrolysis

-meadowsweet, a growable substitute for willowbark

-chocolate nut, a GMO novelty plant that produces a ready to eat chocolately nut(designed to compete with chocolate covered nuts). hard to find seeds for but
could be refined to make chocolate or processed with coffee substitutes to make homemade coffee powder.

-crops should die in the winter season

-feral goats could be tamed for a source of milk that you can find in the woods (could be set to flee like deer so good luck catching it)

medical stuff
-improvised disinfectant made from, strong alcohol,vinegar,phenol. 60% treatment success for bites and very low disinfectant quality. a step above cauterizing since no chance for instant infection on fail.

-salicin tea, a tea made from willow bark, same effect as aspirin but available earlier in game and cheaper at cost of being much bulkier.

-datura “tea”, the dosage from datura could be made more predictable by exploiting the fact that the solubility of atropine is constant for a given temperature, so using excess datura a “tea” can be made that is a predictable dose. in game the main advantage would be it being less liable to kill you.

-alcohol stimulant mixtures. idea is to mix strong alcohol with stimulants to counter the depressant effect making it useful as a combat painkiller.some idea for names: battle brew(caffeine), battle brew(nicotine), bezerker brew(datura).

-caffenated caramel, diy caffiene pills made by either boiling down soda, or boiling down a caffenated drink mixed with sugar

-a way to dilute hard drugs like heroin and meth, into codiene and stimulant pills

-a wooden helmet(useful for inawood characters) made like wooden clogs
-wooden vest, like a scrap metal vest but made from pieces of wood and cord pieces

-battery powered portable dehumidifer that acts like the aeroevaporater cbm

-makeshift batteries, crude nonrecargable batteries made from scrap metal, some other metal (like copper or aluminum), paper, salt water and glue (superglue,bone glue,flour paste). half the charge of rechargeable batteries, could be used as an alternative to handcrank.

-yeast food spread (aka marmite), made from yeast and salt. Could be used to make boring sandwich as a way to get rid of excess yeast from brewing.

-waste gruel,general catch all thing to make stuff that is techically edible into food, possible ingerdents other than water:leather patches (leather is edible), fur patches, yeast, various seeds,bone glue, vinegar, glycerol, various plants like bee balm, and many others.

-ghoul, think fallout universe, immune to radiation but severely radioactive

-survivalist, a player crafted mutagen made from having high applied science, the alpha book,medical book, and elf-a book among other things. essentaly a blend of medical,alpha and elf-a, not as strong as anyone but avoids the worst drawbacks
made from medical,alpha, elf-a mutagen and purifier the lack of major drawbacks would come at the expense of making it.
possible traits
-positive:fey vision,good hearing,very little sleep,Tough,Robust genetics,pain resistant,infection resistant,disease resistant,parasite immune,strong,very dextrous,very smart,very perceptive,phelloderm,pretty,posion resistant,acidproof
-negative:Light Bones,Nausea,Fast metabolism,slow healer,chemical imbalance,insomniac,jittery,mood swings,addictive personality,high thirst,lightweight

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My advice to you is to take a look in the /data folder and poke around in the .json files of the recipes you wish to mimic, modify, or emulate. Figure out how their layout works, then write your own crafting recipes and item entries. If you use GitHub, you can submit those as a pull request and perhaps they’ll be added, or alternatively you can package your additions as a mod, like More Survival Tools does.

Being able to make chloroform especially would be neat, since it’s not a particularly difficult synthesis. Craftable antibiotics would be super cool too, with sulfanilamide being a complex process and perhaps cultured penicillin being a simpler, but weaker/less-reliable option.

Welcome. You have cool ideas. Do something with them.


thanks for the advice, my plan now is to wait about 24h, then try and write what I can into a mod (I have never used Github before so I want to keep things simple).

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crops should die in the winter season

What do you think of having dead crops disappear but have a chance to leave behind withered plants, seeds, and the seeds having a chance to sprout at or around the location of the dead plant?

Sounds good to me. While I’m wishing for ‘realism’ changes in farming, most berry plants should become bushes when mature, instead of the generic “harvest them and they’re gone” plants. Raspberries, blackberries, etc.

i mean, ‘harvest them and they’re gone’, but they do come back after a week or two in game, so you can harvest them again.

They do? I guess I never got that far. I don’t remember ever seeing it. I won’t have a chance this game either - stray cows trampled all my crops.

Seriously, though, it just bugs me that there are two completely different mechanisms for getting raspberries and such. One is seasonal from permanent bushes with (depending on tiles) their own graphics, and the other is non seasonal from generic plants.

yeh theres an apple orchard i go back to on the regs, regrows pretty often though you cant harvest during winter cause squishy.

foraging random bushes i know they respawn because i had an island start recently as one of my runs and without regenerating bushes they woulda died out from lack of resources… and the trees are just a differently functioning bush, you can reharvest pine trees as well for needles, etc.

No, no. ‘harvest them and they’re gone’ is for when you plant raspberry seeds (or whatever) on tilled ground. Although I also didn’t know that apples etc. regrew crops within the same season. I can’t test that now because it’s Winter.

i mean, it’ll also produce so much food you wont be able to carry it all in one go, and its better to leave it on the tree cause as soon as you pick it it starts goin bad, but yeah xD

Dehydration worked to process the whole crop from an apple orchard in my game (I had to carry apples back to the vehicle a number of times, but it didn’t take that long to clear the orchard).

I passed by once after that (during the same autumn), but didn’t see any indication of a second harvest.