Vampiric Stuff's Mod Thread

  • It is maintained by a great mod compilator.

Your mod is great!

I wonder: If I mutate the vamp with plant serum and got Sunlight Dependent he become a plantiro?

Do you have any plans for a quest for make mutation of vampires?

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I don’t know. if a player gets a vampire mutation, that will ruin the “already balanced” gameplay…

So, its a no :stuck_out_tongue:

It could be :dark_sunglasses:

Maybe after working on the secronom mod, I will do a remake of this one :wink:
Probably removing lots of nonsensical contents, improving locations and fixing vampire npcs (too overpowered, just to say)


Some sprites for certain items are added for now :slight_smile:


Build 8804.

Oh, okay. Redownload the mod, I’ve fixed it :wink:

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Hey can you tell me how to find a vampire anything tbh I can’t

Being on the lookout for that, sometimes you notice weird caves while traveling roads, or the overmap saying “forest?” or “swamp?”, you can find “crypts” with a vampire npc too, then everything get a bit easier

You can see the “crypt” as black symbols on your map. It’s a bit rare, so you might want to skim through the forests :wink:

a quick question. Is there a vampire mutation you can get like the arcanes dragonblood mutation tree?

IIRC i think not, but all the vampires have some of the mutations like, albino, sun sensitive, pretty/glourious, carnivore, you know, the ones that fit with a vampire

bad wording on my part.I mean a Vampire mutation tree.

Nope, players can’t mutate into a vamp since the tree consists of purifiable mutations :frowning_face:

oh ok. hope its planned at somepoint

also can someone tell me how to get blood for crafting?

hmmm This mod could use a small guide. I managed to get some blood item early on by finding a wasteland early on but not much in usable stuff.

You can find the recipe books at the “cove”. Getting them makes crafting easier :wink:

The README.MD has brief explanations about the blood items. It’s not expanded to describe every specific materials, but still, it might help you :+1:

Oh I just meant like a “you need to start by finding this item,crafting it. make X of these items” a short how to get it started. any hints on how to get a blood draw kit?

Thats a vanilla item: blood draw kit?
You find in medical places and you can craft them.