As a mutation or something. I was exploring a FEMA camp and found flasks of blood. It’d be nice if there was an obvious use for them, and if maybe there was a skill where you could drain blood from animals and zombies, but might have purify it or make blood pudding out of it to get the most benefit. Maybe living animals provide more/pure blood, dead animals provide stagnant, and zombies provide putrid blood, only good for cooking. Might give a nice reason to make fencing and house animals. The blood draining could also weaken the animals you take from.

Headgear, like a safari hat, sombrero, or something would be needed to not take damage when it’s sunny, and maybe your vision would be half or better during the night to promote hunting.

And on a side note, there’s already syringes and stuff, so maybe those could be used for blood, or maybe even a vampire “drug”, since you’re directly injecting it.

When I saw the title I was immediately ‘NO’ but it kinda fits the whole mutation thing. And there’s plenty of food-related mutations. So blood-o-vore seems like a reasonable mutation! And could be kinda fun. Definitely a negative trait though. Especially if you go so far as to have sunny days cause you harm (similar to acid rain).

And you get the night-vision trait (maybe one of the higher up ones?) so you can see in the dark

Why not? This game is begging for some horsemen of the apocalypse chic, medieval horrors fit right in.

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Sure sure. Like i said, you need a voting system. :wink: