Using latest experimental build, debug very strong back no longer works

As the title says, the mutation no longer seems to do anything.

edit: according to the matrix, this was removed as it no longer worked apparantely. Currently, I Can’t make use of my debug pocket universe since it says that its too heavy for me to move around in.

I think this change was made in error, since carry weight still impacts whether or not you become burdened.

Nope, this is intentional, we don’t need it for debugging, so when it stopped working due to some unrelated code changes we just removed it.

can a similar functionality be restored? I use it extensively for testing and the like. I found a workaround by creating a version of strong back that adds a ridiculous amount to your weight capacity.

There’s already debug trait/mutation that gives nearly infinite carrying capacity.

Which trait? I couldn’t find it amongst the debug mutations

A quick and dirty workaround would be to increase the Strength stat on your character to extreme values.
Not the same as the mutation and one punch will pulp about any being (if that’s a concern), but it works and doesn’t require modding…

Not to be annoying, but may I ask again which trait it is that does this?

Not sure if it’s still useful for you or not, but I just added weight/volume reduction to the debug backpack itself. No need for the very strong back mutation.

I made a little mod for myself to adjust the backpack separately, so you don’t have to go back in and change it every time you update the game. If you want, I can send the whole thing to you. It’s got some other changes to character generation that require the bionics and CRIT mods (mostly just adding professions to the two lab starts). Give me a shout if you want me to pass it over. I can also remove my other changes easily enough if you just want the backpack update.

Ah, I was wondering why the Debug trait didn’t work anymore despite it being there. I checked the json but it wasn’t there. Nice to know I’m not crazy or my mods messed something up.

Thanks for the pastebin by the way.

Assuming I’ve correctly interpreted your coughing fit, here you go:


Google Drive:

I removed my other edits, in order to also remove the dependency on other mods. This should only require the main DDA “mod”, unless i’m suffering severe rectal-cranial inversion (which is likely)

You too? Yeah it seems to be common these days. I appreciate it. Also this is the first time you’ve posted instead of lurking like I do usually correct? If so, welcome!