Running a lot of mods. Stat mutations are broken

So, I’m running Bright Nights, Cataclysm++, Arcana, PK’s, and a lot of different addition mods (ex. Medieval and Makeshift Items). When I mutate, I sometimes get Insanely Strong or Extremely Strong without the actual stat boost (in the actual gameplay or even just on the display) despite me not having any of the prerequisite mutations (ex. Strong). However, it seems to be rather selective to the Strong line as I got Apex Predator downing congealed blood like cups of beer as a teenager and received the negative 3 int modifer. Is there a way to get the stat increase without uninstalling all the mods?

If you’re too desperate, the easiest way is the debug menu. Edit yourself and set your stats.
Not cheating, its fixing.

That’s weird, I wonder how that even happened and why?
As @Axema said, use the DEBUG menu. It can be hard to navigate sometimes if you are new, but if you are having trouble, just ask.

If you really want to figure out which mod is doing it then you could do the classic ‘turn on and of every mod till you find the issue.’ It’s kinda similar to the other classic, ‘did you restart it?’
Does other benefits/debuffs function like they should? Such as extra regen, heat gain from fur, unarmed damage with claws, etc?
I hope you manage to figure it all out.

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I think that it’s just the Strong line. Every other mutation seems to work just fine. Weird.