What the deal with backpacks?

So everyone knows that a backpack is essential in surviving in Cada. You need it to store ammo, food, water, and supplies, and also what ever weird shit you found in that lab over there. And I don’t know where you guys live. But aren’t backpacks adjustable? And what I mean by that is they can be adjusted for any size person. So why can’t character with the “Huge” trait wear backpacks? And be only restricted to survivor rucksacks and survivor duffel bags?

It really doesn’t make any sense in my view point. And yes if they had that trait then they have other traits so that they can sustain themselves. But what if you got the “Inconveniently Huge” by accident? Then your fucked.

I’m not saying that everything in the “belted” category should be changed. Then that would be redundant for what the “Huge” trait does. But make it so that characters who do get that trait have a chance. Everyone should have a chance right?

Far as I can tell. it’s because most of the armor-restricting mutation traits go beyond normal human norms. If you hit the huge trait it means you’re big enough to make the late Andre the Giant look short. Assuming the wiki is right, the huge trait is the point where tankbots will be willing to use their main gun on you, which they normally reserve for vehicles or huge monsters.

You would need longer straps. To be honest, depending on the model of pack you might be able to slip the straps out of place and put longer ones in. If they’re sewed to the backpack itself instead of attached by a clip…thingy or those strap-adjusting sliders, you’d have to cut the straps off and sew longer ones in.

But yeah, we maybe should have options for low-level XL storage, since all you’ll need is to replace the straps.

The mutant body part equipment penalties should be lower in general. Mutating webbed hands is a disaster, for example.

Not sure what would be the best solution.
Maybe per-mutation penalty?
Huge wearing a backpack should get like 50-100% extra encumbrance.
A toe talon bunched inside a shoe should be like extra 50-100 penalty (not percent) - crippling, but not undoable.
Beak should forbid gas mask totally.

Probably. Other issues are…

Fingerless gloves preclude getting bonus attacks from fingernails, and wings don’t preclude wearing a shirt.

So yeah, adding more ways that mutations can interact with clothing would be nice. To add a suggestion of my own, if we made a distinction for button-up shirts and normal shirts, one could add a recipe for a wing-friendly shirt simply by cutting down the back of it (one OC I’ve played elsewhere makes use of that solution).

Please read the HUGE amount of discussion on the matter. What it boils down to is that tracking all the various mutations and their interactions with various clothes is more trouble than it’s worth. If someone wants to do so they can, but any solution needs to act rationally, not require people adding clothes to add a bunch of mutation-specific data, and not add special-casing all over the code.

Also concerning the OP, survivor rucksack, survivor duffel bag, pouch, leather pouch, and survivor belt.

Some of the details would be clever if added though. Though I’ll agree that some of them are more hassle than they’re worth.

Still, not being able to use claws with fingerless gloves is endlessly saddening. ;A;

What about just using tailoring? I always found it weird when you have some mutation that limits what you can put on. Like lets say you have saber teeth. And you make a gas mask meant for people without teeth the size of your forearm.

Or for huge. Why would you create a human sized t-shirt when your taller that a tank? Just put it so that when you craft a item or wearable object. It puts “OVERSIZE” in it’s tags.

There, problem (I think) solved.

Because it’s not just a little tweak to the item, and it’s not reasonable to do it for every item, so instead we have specific craftable versions of things that get the oversize tag so they can be worn by mutants.
Frankly I’m skeptical about allowing gas masks to be oversized at all, for a lot of the mutations you’d have to reinvent how the seal works from scratch, and for e.g. fur it simply cannot work.

We would need to make the recipe automatically adjust required raw material for that to make sense, though. And distinguish between the main build material and any components that wouldn’t be affected by output size. For examine, a wearable flashlight for larger characters would need more rags/tape/etc but still only one flashlight.


Hair gel. XP

So more resources to create a bigger version of said item. I like that idea.

Though Granade, you don’t have to put it into the next experimental. This is a brainstorming thread after all :P.

EDIT: Hordes Granade, Hordes…

Hair gel. XP[/quote]
Feel free to write an addition that allows gas masks to be usable by fur-covered mutants as long as they supply sufficient hair gel or vasoline when they wear it to maintain a seal. Until then, it shouldn’t work.

If it also compliments the addition of shaving kits, would be interesting. Not really within my abilities though. When I touch the source code, it touches back. ;A;

Oh god.

It’s a miracle that my last attempt to mess with the source was eventually made successful.

I tried messing with the source code once…

Code blocks died.

In a nutshell…yeah. Last attempt I just did last night for something else resulted in failing so hard that even Github started derping on me.

Just to let me know it’s officially monday, I guess.

So what about a ‘personalized’ or customized tag?

Make is a tailor skill+1 on to what it already takes.

IE you can make the item already, but your mutated, so you need modifications to make it fit better. So thus, you spend a few hours reworking it (add like 50% of the base materials in or something) or make it specifically fit you.

If your HUGE and you need a backpack, you would just make it bigger or strap that sucker to your thigh, or belt, like a fanny pack :wink:

Then it can only be worn by the creator of the personalized item. Done

Was hoping this would be about backpacks and being able to drop me with the contents.

How easy would it be to implement BTW? .
I mean let’s say u have a back pack and fill it with stuff.u drop it and it keeps track of the stuff in backpack.
Also would be cool to find backpacks.suitcases.coats.shopping carts with things in them all ready :slight_smile:

Nested containers essentially, for more DFness. Might be interesting, the idea has been discussed with respect to firearm magazines. Also wondering if we could apply this for disposable and rechargeable batteries that work in a more sane way…

Being able to operate a normal flashlight without derping around with the recharable battery mod by recharging the BATTERIES would be wonderful.

The backpack thing would be epic

We could drop it on the floor just before we go into combat to remove the encumbrance that goes with it.

Then pick it back up after.

We.could also have say 2 backpacks in Base one full for night ops missions another for day.

We just pick up the required backpack and of we go.