Things to add into debug mode

I’ve been playing the iOS version of C:DDA, and man, does it never cease to amaze! Although, some of the enjoyment is hindered due to the fact that I can’t get the keyboard addon thanks to Apple making their phones as incompatible as possible. But I digress… I’ve mostly been spending my time in a debug world with a debug character, mostly screwing around with the game and having loads of fun with it. But I have noticed some things that aren’t in debug mode that I really think should be added to it

1: Ability to remove vehicles completely
Don’t you just hate it when there’s some wreckage or broken down car in your way? Currently, there is no way to remove a vehicle in debug mode, meaning you have to either use the map editor to regenerate the road with no vehicles in it, or dismantle the vehicle by hand, which is time-consuming either way.

2: Unlimited volume capacity
You know how some mutations let you construct anything without needing skills or materials? Well, when you try to mine through something, and end up with limestone and rock salt, you can’t pick all of it up due to you still having a volume limit. Maybe add some debug backpack, or debug packrat mutation?

3: Ability to remove pain, poison, cold, etc.
Spawning hundreds of zombies and then killing them all is so much fun! But since you still have to deal with poison and pain from it, it’s not. Maybe add the ability to remove all poison, infections, and colds? Same goes with pain, you can cause your character pain, but you can’t remove it?

Debug mode is for debugging, i.e. setting up scenarios for testing.
We’re not accepting feature requests for the debug menu.

I think there already a mutation for unlimited volume capacity. It’s called “Debug Carrying Capacity”

Sounds familiar, but it doesn’t seem to be in the current iOS version. I must’ve seen it when playing on the PC

Oh the iOS version, AFAIK that’s very out of date unfirtunately.

That sucks, I guess Apple really hates open source apps… Hopefully someone can format the latest experimental to work on it