This about some bug

In the game,I find some BUG.the strong back it doesn’t work and the rock bowl’s recipe is missing.
I hope you can fix them.

Not sure what’s wrong with the strong back, but as far as I know, there’s no item called “rock bowl” (and never was, at least in the main game). If you are talking about the stone pot, however, it was deliberately removed and replaced with the clay pot (the old item only remains in game for backwards compatibility).

Sorry,i am a Chinese player,so my English is not clear.But the strong back is not work

I’ve tested it in version 0.D-11434 (newest experimental, Windows x64 tiles version) and picking the strong back trait correctly gave me 60.8 kg of allowed carry weight.
Please try the newest experimental version, it might got fixed. If it still doesn’t work, please tell me the operating system you’re using, it might be relevant.

I changed to another version and the strong back is working.Maybe just my file has some problems.