Using a shaving kit to shave off fur?

I gained the fur mutation, combined with PK’s rebalance the heat is negatively impacting my health stat, while also forcing me to strip down and play Ape-man for the reminder of summer. Is it possible keeping yourself trimmed with a shaving kit? Just so i can actually wear armor without having to worry about heatstroke and speed reduction all the time?

I’d be a real bummer if i had to get lucky with purifier now

Free fur pelts and thread? Hell yeah!

In reality, I’m not sure. Would be cool though.

Not an option no. I guess it would be fairly reasonable to add, but doubt I’d get around to it any time soon.

Shame, thanks for telling me though. Now i can abondon my hunt for a razor

I don’t think the shaving kit would have been able to handle fur anyway. It reloads with soap so it’s safe to assume that it just uses a razor instead of an electric trimmer. For fur you would probably need a hedge trimmer or something.

On a completely unrelated note, can someone add something to the shaving kit description about not being able to make a meat effigy with the hair?