WHAT? Craftig pelt or fur clothing needs a tool with fabric cutting qual of 2

Describe the bug

I don’t know if its a bug, but right now the only tool with fabric cutting qual of 2 is kevlar shears, or maybe the tailor’s kit, but you need kevlar shears to craft this.

This makes the crafting of any pelt or fur clothing nearly impossible without high-tech like kevlar…

Steps to reproduce

  1. Make a player with all recepies known.
  2. Search for fur or pelt clothing in the crafting menu
  3. Look at the needed tools / quality

Expected behavior

You should be able to cut fur or pelt with simple scissors

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“Simple Scissors” can (kind of) cut through furs or pelt, but chances are the cuts will ruin most of the furs/pelts in question. But they aren’t made for that sort of job. I’d assume that the “pair of scissors” the game has is just a generic “pretend it’s this thing” multi-purpose placeholder, seeing you can find it in a lot of differently thematic places (medical, tailoring, etc).

I do agree that only having one tool with that quality is kind of silly, considering there are specific types of scissors IRL for different types of tasks. Maybe it’s time to either remove that requirement or add “tailor’s scissors” or tools akin to those with the proper quality. (Furrier knives, skinning knives, pelt fleshers, etc)


Look at it from the perspective of the stone age.
For example, if I play the innawood scenario, i need some way to cut fur to make clothes.
It must also be possible to make fur clothes with “simple” tools…


I updated the title. I mean “fabric” cutting, not the normal cutting…

In most games multiple kinds of scissors would be dumb, in CDDA not having that is kinda dumb. We already have very many different tools as needed, it makes sense to go further into that as well.

I have to agree with Bjo_Hart. Recently did an Innowood playthrough and I found myself unable to make even rudimentary clothing without first having to construct a forge, anvil and a series of blacksmith tools. Like as if I did an uno reverse card and discover the iron age before I could even make a… loincloth, like seriously?

I mean I’m sure our caveman ancestor’s must have had some means to make decently insulated and garbed clothing with nothing more than stone tools.


Only way for me is to cheat myself a kevlar shear at some point in my game … :cry:

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maybe add facbic cutting to flint or stone knife?


Remove the need for fabric cutting for all pelt or fur materials.
Thats imo the fastest way to tix this…

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Also something that might be worth mentioning here for innawoods people:

some things don’t need to be crafted. You can (*) construct them I think. I may need to check whether anvil is possible this way, but most other things are (you can get a kiln built that way for instance).

As for an anvil, I’d say that, for Innawoods, reducing all “anvil” needs to 1 so “large rock” can be used as anvil would probably suffice.

It did strike me as odd that even the forged shears couldn’t be used to cut fur clothing.

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