Fur Mutations

After the painstaking process of perfecting a character’s mutations into the right combination I wanted, I was surprised to find out that neither the ursine or the lupine fur mutations provide any protection from the cold when sleeping.
To me, this seems like a common sense addition, given that neither bears or wolves need to sleep with blankets or piles of clothes to stay warm through the night.

At the very least, I think full fur, (either ursine or lupine) should stop the character from getting frostbite when sleeping on the ground or floor.

At the most, I think it could allow the character to sleep comfortably on the floor or ground without a bed or rollmat, by providing padding against the hardness of the surface.

I understand that it already gives some heat bonus to the character throughout their body, but it seems illogical to me that a furred character would need extra warmth in the night, when they basically have a blanket built-in.

I’ve just looked and the fix appears straightforward. With any luck I’ll have it PR’d tonight.