Use vehicle batteries as a tool to recharge stuff?

how would you feel about that?
i mean, something like using a cable and a vehicle battery’s charges to recharge your hotplate and other electric devices.

parts of the gasoline code, gasoline being both a fuel type and a charges type for some appliances, like electricity could maybe used to do that?

PS. such a system could maybe fill the need for base wiring, the difference being that the player will have to use a solar farm/generator to charge veh batteries, then move them near his tools, and charge them with it…

You kind of can, with recharging station.

Go look for a rechargeable battery mod and and recharging station. Spawn rate is low though. They are also craftable, however the recipies must be learned from electronics books.

More Info:
PR #5054 - Rechargeable Tools

EDIT:: Recharging batteries directly from a vehicle battery will not work and could possibly be dangerous. Thus the creation of the recharging station :slight_smile:

yep, i was aware of the r.station+r.bat.mod combos.
but i was thinking that its a bit cludgy compared to directly transfering charges from the bat. to the item.

why is it any different than gasoline and potentially dangerous?
I thought that gasoline is also a fuel for vehicles, just like electricity, but can also be used to recharge jackhammers and the like, just as electricity can load flashlights.

I was actually proposing to try and do it, not asking how to work around it.
What i want to know is your feelings on “if its is a good idea or not”, and “if it is implementable or not”

It’s probably not a great idea.

First off, it renders the recharging station obsolete, and could mean that the recharging station would have to be removed and replaced with this system.

Secondly, realistically, you probably would destroy the internal parts of whatever you’re trying to charge up due to voltage differences (if memory serves me correctly). It may be the future, but I doubt it’s such that transformers and converters are unnecessary.

Thirdly, although Cataclysm does treat electricity as a kind of liquid fuel much like gasoline, it really should not be considered as such. Electricity can’t be loaded into flashlights, but the charges of a disposable battery can. It is rather janky, but letting car batteries jump start your mp3 player seems just plain weird.

Fourth, such an overwhelming change would actually be to very little benefit. The current system works fairly well as it is, and adding in this would require some degree of effort that would result in very little net gain.

not exactly, since rech. station allows you to charge something without removing a battery from your vehicle. (imagine mob base)
but it would be more efficient, i agree.

yes and no. when charging something with batteries, you gotta charge it with DC power of voltage a little higher than the rated one.
so to charge a 12V battery, you would need ~14V continually IIRC.
Now a veh battery provides 12V, so no problem there.
As for transformers and converters, the electrical system is super simplified as we all know. There is no voltage or amperage available, implying that all appliances and electrical parts work in the same voltage.
This is certainly unrealistic, but means that there will be no problems related to destroy internal parts of appliances.

well, the one possible problem with charging, is that it happens over time, not instantly. it could take hours to fully charge a battery.
I was thinking to solve this by checking every 5’ if the battery is around the item, and if it is, charge the item by a portion of its max_power, while discharge the battery of the same amount.

i imagine it as charging the flashlights batteries, not loading electricity. (can require to have a rechargeable battery mod attached, much like the rech. station)
also: it IS the future. i find it highly suspicious that not all small house appliances are not running off rechargeable batteries.

Benefit is not very great, but the change is not that hard to do too.

(without looking at the code) i was thiking it fairly easy to implement:
when one tries to reload an appliace the game checks for batteries in his inv.
(or if we talk about rech. batt. mods only, just alter the charging function)
So we can also check if there is a veh_battery + wire around and ask the player what he wants to use in the familiar menu.
If he chose veh_battery, discharge that battery by the amount loaded to the appliance over time.

PS. ok, regardless of what i think, i will not try to do that unless i get some positive opinions. :wink:

Just because we don’t represent certain things (voltage and amperage) in the game doesn’t mean you can assume those things don’t exist. The goal is still things working roughly the way they do in reality.
It’s actually the opposite of your conclusion, since you can’t configure the voltages etc correctly to do battery-battery charging, the game assumes you can’t do it at all, and it requires a charger.

Feel free to make a portable charger item that does what you’re describing, but direct battery-battery charging is not an option.

ah, i see… well using a battery charger as a medium makes sense i guess.
ty for clearing that up.