Why won't my "rechargeable" UPS charge?

It’s stored in a trunk in my van, which has a recharging station mounted on top of it.

The UPS has the rechargeable mod, and also an extended battery mod (that I can’t remove, it seems…)

The vehicle has solar panels and a full battery.

The UPS isn’t charging at all.


I’m using experimental 2326-g708-d1bb

EDIT: Could this be something to do with the battery type? I have lots of truck batteries, but I’ve never even seen a “storage” battery in game. Do I perhaps need one of those?

Update: Nope. Didn’t help.

Any ideas? My CBMs are recharging via solar panel. My vehicle batteries are recharging too. I put a “storage battery” on the same tile as the recharging unit. It’s just not doing anything.

I’m wondering if someone didn’t code the UPS to recharge if it has expanded battery capacity…

Do other items work with the charging station in your version? I don’t have any insight into the issue but I can suggest that you can temporarily charge your batteries in another item and then transfer them. I’m thinking you’ve probably thought of this though and don’t want to be condescending.

My understanding of the “rechargeable battery” mod is that it stops an item from using regular batteries entirely, so you can never transfer the charges like that.

It was prevented from doing that on purpose so it wouldn’t become an infinite battery generator.

So that’s not an option.

Did you turn the charging station on? I bumbled around with that for a while when I was testing it.


You mean… Oh god, was it that obvious?

Turn it on at the vehicle control panel?

WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THAT? I just assumed it would always be on.

I’ll try that now. (EDIT: Yep it’s working fine now.)

While I’m on the subject… is there any real advantage to using a petrol powered vehicle? Seems like electric should be perfectly good.

What about a hybrid? Does that work yet? My car currently has both a petrol engine and electric engine in there. It says fuel consumption and then gives two numbers. One is yellow. So I assume it’s saying it uses up fuel and electricity.

Would it continue to run off the electrical power if the fuel ran out?

It’s just a matter of resource availability, right now solar panels in particular are pretty OP, so they’re stright up better. This used to be balanced by them being unreasonably fragile as well, but now you have to smash them pretty hard to damage them.

If you have both electrical power and gas power, both will run until you run out of one of them, at which point the other one will pick up the slack. The only drawback to having an unfueled poewer source is the excess weight.

Ultimately solar energy is the best energy source in my opinion, since the required energy is renewable and easily accessible, and powers all the other gadgetry you have on your rig.

@lost, the info in this thread is quite outdated now. The solars have been nerfed.

I think it’s pretty well balanced now, too. Solars are good if you’re patient, and/or build blocks of 3x2 solar panels rather than just the single one we used to run all our stuff off of.

But if you don’t have time to wait for days to fill up one battery, it’s even easier to rig up a gasoline generator and use some gas.

Unless gas has become a craftable material when I wasn’t looking, I stand by what I said. Also I didn’t notice the thread was THAT outdated.

And yes, I know they got nerfed, but that hasn’t deterred me from creating a solar array for my base. I don’t use 2 or 3, either. I’m using 7 solar panels currently, with a plan to have a total of 25 when I’m done. It’s also protected from all sides by heavy armor, since I built it on a farm where zombears spawn frequently.