Use of Industrial ID Card

I’ve managed to get some industrial ID cards from zombie technitians, and I assume they work like science ID cards and military ID cards, in that they unlock doors somewhere. But I have yet to find anything that the industrial ID cards unlock. Anyone know what they do?

I assume they are used in the large industry buildings, have yet to actually get into one though as they are heavily protected by robots and turrets.

Just my best guess though as I don’t know for sure. Have not found a place to use them yet.

I had one and if I’m not misremembering it allowed to use a lifter exoskeleton. Which is great because many builds ago military ID card drop chances were made much smaller.

large industrial buildings like? I don’t think I’ve come across them. Were they added recently, as this world is a couple months old, so if they’re new, they might not be in the currently generated overmap.

Not sure honestly how long they have been in the game I update frequently. Sorry, :thinking:

Though I didn’t see one until fairly recently, so I’m going to assume it is a newer addition.

Irradiation Plant is the only one i have personally verified as using the Industrial ID Card.

Hazardous waste sarcophagus? Or is that it’s own place?

Hazardous Waste Sarcophagus is it’s own place and pre-dates the Industrial ID card by a long time. It’s access is controlled by a code number you get via the Refugee Center quest lines.

It’s the end of the NPC “fetch flag” quest line.

Cool thanks for the info