[PR] Professions starting with ID cards?

Would it be possible to make certain professions start with either Military or Science ID cards? For instance the Lab Technician starting with a Science ID so they can take shelter/start a base in a science lab, or a national guard/military recruit/spec ops starting with a Military ID to get into a bunker safely?

Possible yes, but why?


You’re a soldier

You should have an ID card right?

You’re a scientist working in a lab

You should have an ID card right?

Why do all the dead soldiers/scientists have ID cards but the living ones don’t?

This idea makes sense to me. A lot. I like it. This idea is a good idea.

Because lab technicians aren’t entering by waiting for someone else to open the door,right?

It could be quite cool in a lore sort of way to have a military officer profession, who starts with less armour/weaponry than the other Military classes but has one or two Military ID cards, and maybe an operations map. Sort of sets you a challenge to find and get to a bunker for the gear within.

Yeah, but should we ever get around to having proper scientists, we’ll need this. Though I’m not exactly sure that id card readers actually require one to obtain a new id card for each use. Maybe the future is suffering from an ID card surplus, and as a measure to cut down on them, created combination id card readers /shredders. I’m sceptical that anyone would accept that though.