ID cards and scanners

dont see a recent topic on this so heres a question: why do scanners for ID cards ‘eat’ the ID card after its been used? i assume that its the same as modern day swipe terminals in that you swipe and still have the card in your hand… but every terminal has used up a card, so places like the missle silo’s where every door has a card reader are almost impossible to get through, unless you have a hacking tool (which are hard to get) or a pickaxe (and the strength to break down doors.)


Always thought that was really weird. Having had a job involving those cards they aren’t exactly something that just stops working. Also surprised nowhere has retinal scans or fingerprint scans to force more hacktool usage. Been through a lot of those irl too. Very very common in secure facilities.

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oh oh~ that’d be fun, if like… you could sometimes get a zombie head while dissecting military zombies or lab zombies

so you could use their heads on retinal scanners, as long as its still ‘fresh’, relatively speaking.


i Personally think that is a maxsecurity card one time use The Code is basically useless after but you still would have a plastic card left

if that were the case though, why would they use the same card type for military, lab AND technicians?

Feel free to work on an ID card rework. I think having a card per door is out because it would be too much of a mess to implement, and permanent card that open everything is also out. But if you have other ideas like different security levels for cards or stuff like that to improve the system you can work on it.

i wouldnt even know where to start with the code though.

as it is, each card reader is already seperated into 3 types visually (at least with default ultica tilesets), one with a helmet (military) one with an atom symbol (science) and one with… well… whatever technician has on it… honestly i havent found one yet. a hard hat?

we could take the existing design for the card readers and put them specifically on high tier installation spots (like the end-rooms in science labs or military bases) and label them as ‘high security’, the only zombies that will drop cards for them being high tier zombies that would spawn inside the particular base (whatever lab zombies or soldier zombies third or fourth ‘evolution’ might be, zombie-wise) and have all the ‘normal’ doors hackable/breakable/keycardable multiple times.

just as an example, i raided part of the missile silo that i was next to, and inside one of the rooms was a single zombie and a note, the note basically identified him as a general, which is a neat thought, well why doesnt he have an all-access type keycard for that particular base (or at the very least, a single use keycard for the ‘high security’ area, which would be the bottom of the base clearly labeled as such.) how it works now makes me question how the military ever used their own bases, if you had to have a keycard to get into the front door, and then another keycard to get into your room… another keycard to go to where you’re supposed to work… etc etc etc.

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the same card butt programd differently
basically the same card it is the data stored on those Cards you would still get the plastic card back only that It is usless

Ya the silo would be impossible to use with the current system realistically. I highly doubt every single staff member kept a stack of a hundred cards on them to pursue basic tasks.

I don’t see why reusable cards are out either. A staggeringly artificial grind for a game that so often focuses on realism over gameplay convenience.

so i propose:

keep the current system for keycards, make it ‘high security’
copy code, remove ‘consumes card’, use as new ‘normal security’ doors, replace where necessary.

They aren’t, they just need to be local, not global

A system similar to how maps usually spawn for the local region could be used as the skeleton for that.

i dont even see why they nessisarily need to be local! imagine for the high security cards its only ever gonna be on someone of importance, like a general or a political figure… but by the time you get to said person, they’re already a zombie

as far as low tier cards are concerned, all of the military individuals who -were- in that base would be out on patrol to quell the ‘riots’, and its not too far fetched to assume that one military grunt could go from a base to another base and still get in… if there were living security personell they’d likely question why he was there and not at his own base, but he could still get in.

I proposed an idea for reworking ID cards some time ago but it was closed due to being stale.

well… your suggestion (or rather, the discussion on that suggestion) implies that they would want to re-work keycards into a whole system, basically turning a lab or similar place into a whole dungeon experience, go find zombie with key A to get through door to zombie B who has new keycard…

i think its perfectly fine to have two seperate keycards for each type, one for generally accessed areas and one for ‘secure’ areas, that would cut down on the ammount of effort you’d need to do to code it specifically to spawn in and make sure its ‘for that lab/bunker’, and instead have generic access cards that work on any facility (so you can still find them in the same places, i.e. random soldier zombies or lab zombies)

Either approach would be better than being locked out of an unopenable metal barrier because you already used your one time use ID card to gain access to the lab. If you had the right tool you could bypass by hacking, if there’s even a terminal, or breaking the wall down some how. Thermite is also craftable, haven’t tested if it can melt through metal yet. It just makes more sense to have cards persistent. I’ve never heard of a one time use ID card.

one time use cards -do- exist, but they’re for real high security type places… the idea being that when you go in, you need to get another card before you leave or you wont be able to go in again, less chance of someone giving away their card for nefarious purposes (because they’ll be the one without a card, easy to tell who the one responsible is)

… but that’s for super high security areas, not really the front door that’s used regularly. you could argue its use for the security labs front doors because it seems like everyone who works there also lives there, and there are whole apartments, and that’s the only one-time-use security door in the entire place… but also, the door doesn’t lock once you’ve used the keycard, so it doesn’t really work the way a one time use keycard would work regardless.

anyway, i don’t see the point in overcomplicating the system for how to get into these types of buildings when the overall reward for getting into them is usually about the same for breaking into any other type of building… if a pickaxe, jackhammer, or hacking tool can permanently open a door that you want opened, why cant we also have a keycard that permanently gives access to the door and doesnt dissapear?

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