Upgrading my camp survey from bare bones (lack shelter kits?)

I’m testing the camp system in a separate file before I go buggering up my current save file. I created the camp survey but I can’t figure out how to perform the first upgrade (“Upgrade Camp”). The game says I lack shelter kits but I debugged them in, so I’m not sure what’s wrong.

you need to drop them and have line of sight when you choice upgrade

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Shouldnt need line of sight.
Camp checks for range of 20 squares around it’s unsorted sorting zone.
whether the player can see the items or not , it’ll still show as available for crafting if they are there. ( this was essential to get remote camp upgrades working )

I forgot to mention I’m using a slightly outdated build. It seems every day someone is complaining about a crash, and I can’t go getting a consensus every day on what the latest “stable” experimental release is.

Yeah, the latest stable is 0.D stable, experimental is very experimental right now. Having a proper stable release freed people to start making big changes that they’ve had on hold in the run-up to 0.D, so experimental’s really in flux currently.

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