Faction camp bug?

I’m running an experimental from about a month ago, so perhaps this is a known/fixed issue.

Or maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing.

The message “You do not have sufficient sort zones” continues to pop up, though from what I gather from another post here, all that is needed are “Basecamp: food” “Loot: food” and “Loot: unsorted,” and I have those designated.

Also, the bulletin board says I do not have the material for the first building task, whether I am holding said material (large tent), or if I drop it on the ground.

I tried putting up the tent manually, but that did not clear the bulletin board requirement either.

Any tips?

The two things are related, and likely fixed in latest experimental.

You need sorting points set for the missions to search for components in a radius around the sorting points, it wont count things in your inventory.

It should be enough to have basecamp:food and Loot: unsorted, and one other loot point set nearby.

When they are set it should find the tent nearby.

Id recommend updating to see if that fixes it.

Thanks, I’ll try it out.

How do you transfer saves between versions? I tried copying the save folder for the world, and while technically successful, the time was off by a season, and possibly many other things were wrong too. Is that just unavoidable due to the nature of recent updates, or did I miss a step or twelve in transferring the save?

Try the launcher, it automatically transfers saves and preferences to the new version.