Updated artifact effects?

I just came across some humming beads in a field. Upon pickup I get -3 STR and “You feel a pleasant tingle”. A quick search found an artifact list but it seems a bit outdated. Anyone have any idea what the pleasant tingle is? Is there an updated list of artifact effects?

yeah I found a cube that causes “your body feels gelatinous” or something like that. I have no idea what that means.

It passively cloaks you & causes random rattling noise every time you move. Which is pretty good for robots and turrets and such, but less good for other things. Its like a really noisy cloaking device lol.
On activation, it teleports you, creates a firestorm centered on you at the teleported location, causes nausea, and the “your body feels gelatinous” or whatever.


Now that is a useful artifact.

Anybody who is interested in learning the exact effects of any given artifact just needs to follow these steps:

  1. Open cataclysm/save/[insert current world name]/artifacts.gsav with any text editor.

  2. Compare your artifact’s values of “effects_carried” and “effects_activated” to those listed here to find out if it has any useful/deadly abilities.

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I checked that list for the “you feel gelatinous” effect when I first saw started experimenting with the artifact. Its not on that list.

I am going to have to crack open the game files though and see what its doing. I didn’t know you could do that.

Also, I’m dead certain the chance for the rattle effect is higher than 5% as listed on the wiki. It happens literally every move I make.

Yeah, the effect names only tell you approximately what the artifact does. To find out for sure you have to open the game files like I said.

I wish you could cut up and remake artifact clothing. I’ve got a Gelatinous leather jacket that adds +3 perception and causes a slight bit of nausea. I’d love to turn it into a pair of socks, underwear, etc, so that it doesn’t have as high a chance of being damaged or destroyed.

And also it would be nice to rename them. I’d make it into underwear and call it my Gelatinous Leather Man-Thong of Dyspeptic Perception.