[Question] Magiclysm: Enchanted Tailors Kit

So I noticed this is listed as an Artifact. Does it have the same type of ‘Positive and Negative’ effects that Artifacts found in temples or (very rarely) as a ‘random event’ on a map tile can have?

I can’t recall whether or not I crafted it or found it during a dungeon raid/clear… as I have been endlessly (and quite mercilessly) going after Triffid Groves, Mi-Go towers, and Fungal Spires. (primarily Groves and Towers. A: Fuck Triifids. B: Sweet Sweet Resin.) both for my base and for my follower camp, for the past several in-game months. And… removing them entirely isn’t at all ‘a quick’ endeavor. So… pardon me if my memory is a little hazy as to how I got one.

Any ‘Clear’ or ‘Certainty’ bits of info on the matter would be appreciated, as I am… being affected by things that my character doesn’t have the negative mutations/traits/status effects of causing. I don’t have any artifacts on me or near me, minus the Enchanted Tailors Kit, and I am uncertain on if it functions like an actual artifact (having the passive rolls for example.) or more like a ‘spiral stone or petrified eye’ artifact, in which it has no actual artifact properties, minus the ‘tag’ itself.

TL:DR : Does an Enchanted Tailor’s Kit actually count as an artifact, which involves having ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ passive effects, OR is it more akin to the like of the ‘Spiral Stone’ or ‘Petrified Eye’ in the sense of it is just ‘tagged’ as an Artifact, and has no actual properties outside of that? Being affected by things that I don’t have any status effects/negative traits/flaws’ to naturally cause them. No other artifacts near me or on me.

…I did turn on ‘debug log’ to see if that’d give me any… info, and all I noticed (which was odd.) was a ‘hidden’ effect called “formication” (NO. Not ‘F O R N I C A T I O N.’ IT SAYS ‘F O R M I C A T I O N.’) with a timer that is going DOWN each turn. Dunno if that has any significance, but… never hurts to mention stuff you aren’t certain of/dunno much about.

P.S: Never really dabbled in Artifacts, but I have ‘looked’ at what they can possibly roll with and do. So my info on them is quite limited.

it is not a normal artifact like that. No random effects.

This is purely speculation, so don’t quote me on this, but the timer you noticed from the enchanted tailor kit might be related to how quickly it produces thread. In the description it says something about a little spider in the kit, constantly spinning silk, so it could be when the timer counts down it adds another bit of thread into the kit’s inventory.

As I said, this is just a guess but it “forming” more thread might be the effect of the “formication” timer counting down.

Only issue with that is that the effect is proccing even with the kit at 1000/1000 thread. So I don’t believe it would just be causing the effect if full. This effect also happens when the kit is not in my inventory, but within 25 spaces of it. Yet if I’m far enough away… no issues occur.

No random ‘itchiness’ ‘shouting’, hearing npcs talk that don’t exist, no ‘zombie dies’ when the area has literally 0 zombies within the reality bubble, no random ‘blacking’ out, even with the Tireless mutation trait from Fey. (Basically removes the need to sleep.) or even hearing random explosions and sounds occur… that are not there.

I have no artifacts other than the Enchanted Kit. And I don’t have any withdrawal effects, any addictions, drug influences, or any negative traits to cause them from occuring. I’ve also checked to see if maybe my character has teleglow, as teleglow can cause some weird shit on a % scale. They do not. So unless something is borked, something else is going on, and I do not know what. I’ll occassionally get things that ‘You have a bad feeling’ or ‘You’ve suddenly come to the conclusion that you must be responsible for the Cataclysm’ or even ‘You have an intense feeling of dread.’ And will get the morale penalty as a result. So… clearly something is causing this, yet I’ve got no idea what is, so… all I know is “Something’s fucky, and I don’t like it.”

Hmm… strange. Dunno what could be causing the weird effects then. All I know is they occur randomly, and would be either caused by a negative mutation/trait OR from an artifact… and yet… 0 negative traits, 0 debuffs, only Artifact I have NEARBY is the Enchanted Spider Box… and if it in fact, does not have any actual artifact effects and is simply ‘tagged’ as an artifact, then something else is going on. Just unable to figure out what. But I have tried the same stuff on a NEW fresh world, EXACT same settings, everything, test debug char to put everything to the same as my main character who I originally had these issues on, and they are still happening. So… something’s screwy, and I dun like it.

huh they didn’t do that for me.

So…… I seemed to figure out my issue… which was odd, since I was unaware of this being a thing, but apparently having an item in a ‘sheath/holster’ that is being worn (least afaik of, might just be the item in question.). such as… oh I dunno, a Biological Blade…from I believe Cata++ in a Belt of Weaponry from Magiclysm… even if that Belt is worn or in your inventory, you still suffer the effects, despite never ever wielding the blade itself. Seems that apparently my character was being hit with status effects from it. Seems to have disappeared after I dropped it though. Played for a few days in game with no random things occurring to my character.