Update on bugged smoke?

just wondered how long it would possibly take to fix the fact that smoke remains after the smoker dies and the smoke becomes static

Was the smoker inside? Inside smoke (much like the real world) doesn’t really disappear quickly. Outdoor smoke should disappear fairly quickly, if it isn’t then it’s a bug.

its indoor smoke. it just covers the entire room after the smoker dies and every tile turn into the texture of light smoke. it dosent move after that and dosent disapear. i came back 9 days later. smoke was still there. walking trough it without a mask seems to yield no effect. its as if its not even there

Downloaded this morning and same may have happened ;
The only change was i’v fight the smoker outside and some of his smoke entered in a house by the windows. It don’t go away, it’s light, and don’t do any dommage.

Yea I can confirm this happens, Probably has something to do with smoke field reference counting.