Smoke in experimental builds

The smoke product of fire sticks around for a absurd ong time. In fact, looks more like it spreads across the map until is almost gone in the original plance than rather dissapear after some time.

Apologize my english if I messed up something :stuck_out_tongue:
Thx again for this game!

Confirmed, at least in the 7/23 Github build. It just doesn’t go away, even after three or four days.

It makes cooking without a filter mask or something near-impossible.

Oh, and smoke inhalation, even from a single “smoke” tile, can damn near kill you. Been there, done that in WTFCAN’TSEE10FEET smoke when the wind changed during a controlled burn of a prairie. As long as you get out quickly, you’ll be somewhat incapacitated for a few minutes but otherwise fine. That said, I’d say “smoke” and “heavy smoke” should affect your eyes - it stings like hell.

It’s due to scentmap assuming that character’s always as well as indoor/underground.
Mainly that and Dynamic, but I can think of a few other things.
Only imagine your scent amplifying to the north on an upright axis; and since you’re the only human in the fifty-mile radius - have a nice wind!

I’m going to pop in here to say yes, the current smoke damage system is way out of whack.

Cooking a piece of meat on a burning two by four lead to death via smoke inhalation from full health.

Come on really?

A fix for this was just merged in today.