Preformance problems when playing without a tileset

I have encountered performance issues when playing without a tileset in experimental build 2085 (0caaf7d). It is like playing at a very low framerate, but I am certain my computer is not the problem here (i3 2100 3.1GHz, NVIDIA GT630, Xubuntu 14.04). In 0.A stable and experimental curses there are no noticeable problems. Are others experiencing this?

EDIT: This also applies to the map when using a tileset.

Are you saying SDL without a tileset is very slow?

0.A was right before SDL2 transition, wasn’t it? Try the software renderer, maybe?

In 0.A stable and experimental curses there are no noticeable problems.

Yeah, seems like that’s what he’s saying.

Are you saying SDL without a tileset is very slow?

Software rendering didn’t help. Usually I play in fullscreen at 1920x1080 but for testing purposes I turned that down to 800x640 and performance is far better. At the default small res there is no issue at all. Is there anything I can do to help find the problem?

I too also have performance issues on the latest experimentals. On fullscreen at native resolution(1280x1024), it would often take almost three quarters of a second to move one square, even when having just spawned in the evac shelter with nothing around for miles. Going back down to the default res the game starts with, it is significantly faster. On the stable version, moving and doing pretty much anything was basically instantaneous, even when there was a ton going on around me, and at fullscreen native.

Fortunately, I’ve found that software rendering actually does speed up my experimental version a bit, not to the point where everything is instantaneous, but enough where I consider the game to be playable.

However, I found that if you turn on software rendering, it seems to only speed up the game after turning the game off and back on again. It doesn’t say anything about software rendering requiring a restart, but for me, it only seems to make things a bit better after restarting the game. So yeah, if you haven’t tried that yet; turn on software rendering, and restart the game. The game is a bit more playable for me now that I’ve done this. Hope this helps somewhat.

(Also, I think that it should say that turning on and off software rendering requires a restart. Though, this could just be me that is experiencing this. But hey.)

Yes, a restart is required.

Yes, a restart is required.
That's where I went wrong. After turning software rendering on and restarting performance is great.