Unexplained pain doesn't go away

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My character has been hallucinating in Severe pain with occasional Blindness and bowel aching for about 48h.
Temperature is good, no statuses are shown besides pain and hallucinations and the only trait that seems capable doing this is Pshycopath.

I did drink human blood but I’ve drank other kinds of blood countless times with no consequences before.

Care to post a screenshot of your character’s @ screen here?

Otherwise there isn’t much to say about it. Could be anything.

Psychopath* does not cause Hallucinations.

I’d say with a very high chance you probably got some Intestinal parasites along with Brain parasites. Consuming raw blood can cause this by chance.
Try some antiparasitic drugs or one of the homemade equivalents if available.

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Learnt to use debug and CBMS, turns out you’re right and I got both, I’ll probably use this as a learning experience and let the character die since I’ve messed with Debug too much for it to be fair and didn’t have antiparasitic drugs or a way to safely loot some with the extremely crippled stats

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