Random pain, blindness

I’m getting random notifications of pain, possible occassional damage, and blindness/hallucinations. Anyone know what’s the cause or what I can do about it? I recently mutated a bit with serums, there’s no radiation and my geiger counter tells me I’m not irradiated or in an irradiated area.

Perhaps a flaming eye gazed at you? Or maybe one of the mutations, albino or something like it?

Do you suffer from an effect like influenza or something else? Or maybe that “new” mutation does that :confused:

I saw a flaming eye in game weeks ago, shot it from afar. I have no mutations that seem like they’d cause anything, my negative ones are all minor and I have the armoured skin and very strong for positives.

Well it doesn’t show in my character menu, so I don’t know, not that I know of. My character isn’t sneezing or coughing.

Literally “your body is wracked with pain”, “your vision goes fuzzy”, etc.

Sounds like you have a brain parasite. Take antiparasitic drugs or mugwort oil.



Sounds like a match to me.

These are also symptoms of sleep deprivation from the sleep deprivation mod

But it does say the effects at least in the “@” menu, so it’s probably parasites

…And it’s stuff like this that make me glad I’ve never had my survivor eat raw meat. JesusChristHowHorrifying.jpg

Do deformed body parts do this too? Can it kill you?

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It was parasites, yikes, thanks guys!

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