Cause for Hallucinations?


I was trying to create a better “road” to my hometown by burning an entire forest down then (what I assume is a bug) the games log printed my name “long dejesus” over and over again
Wich caused no problem but was qestionable, shortly after I started shaking uncontrollably wich caused some concern but after checking for any causes I couldn’t find anything so I decided that it wasn’t important, some time after waking up I had what looked to be a hallucination with extremely dangerous creatures
After eliminating them I moved on although slightly concerned for my characters health, finally after waking once more I had finished the road but once I got in my car and started driving I got two text prompts that went something like this
“You feel kind of strange”
“Everything seems to be breathing”
Im worried that I might halluicinate while driving and crash if anyone knows a possible cause or solution please let me know


Have you been doing any drugs? Infections? Exposure to any unusual monsters outside of the devilish multi cookers?


No but thank you for the concern another text prompt just came up that said
“Fractal patterns dance across your vision”
Which I recognised as a reference to my artifact “fractal jelly”
Do you think I should take it off it seems quite useful it improves all general stats by two and I quite like it I don’t really mind the hallucinations but do you think it might get more dangerous?


It could be a result of the artifact. Alternatively if you took schizophrenia at chargen that will cause it, or it will occasionally come up while recovering from alcohol withdrawal.