Underground Galore idea

Dam…then yea there is no way to make teleport monster possible sadly.

Will keep updated through here about all plans and such. For now gonna take it slow.
There seems to be alredy a few undeground mods out there and seeing such I will most likely expand on undeground creatures and robots and add new forms of cave and Mine sections for now before I go all big. Suggestions and ideas are apreciated :slight_smile:

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I have a deep fascination with giant caterpillars. o_o Angband has them in their underground dungeon thing.

Like, just, you know, regular, harmless catterpillars but huge. We have a criminal lack of herbivores in Cataclysm. I saw you referenced a ‘stoneapillar’ in your other post, so maybe you’ve already done that.

You also mentioned struggling with some things. Feel free to ask questions. There are devs and mod-folk around that can probably help.


Yep the “stoneapillar” is fully coded! It’s a very slow creature that literally goes about munching on rocks with no care in the world. It’s hard stone reinforced exoskeleton gives it more reason to bite on the tasty rock than pay attention to anything. The only creature IN the undeground that can harm it are the Dark wyrm,especially the desolver type i made as the caterpillars have high resistance to physical BUT very low acid resistence. A natural predator for the caterpillars.

There is also a rare subspecies I had written down in the documents. Seeing I will be adding quartz as material there will be rare “Quartzapillar” a caterpillar that has consentration diet on quartz making it very reciluant to acid,electricity and fire but slightly less to physical and you can butcher it to get “Chunk of crystalline chittin”

And yes they will be tameable with a unique item that can only be reatrived from mining quartz deposits.

And the issue I am having is trying to understand how map related moding works like was trying to add new type of cave (the game alredy has cave entrances so wanted to add new one to the current ones to save bit on time befor bigger future ones) and aswell use it as a testing ground for me to play with monster groups and spawning,etc

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Ah. Well, caves are hardcoded mapgen. Affecting them would require c++ or someone to jsonize them, both of which are beyond my personal abilities. Unless I’m misreading the code, and I hope someone corrects me if I’m wrong.

I don’t think they’re opposed to adding code for mod support, so that’s probably not out of the question, but you probably just want to work inside of the json?

I’d suggest making your own location from scratch rather than trying to attach it to the existing caves. It wouldn’t be hard to draw up a surface location that would reflect the cave entrance, and throw an underground for testing. In the end, you could match the symbol and name and all, so players wouldn’t know if it was a hardcoded cave or yours until they went inside. If that’s what you’d want.

If you’re really focused on testing the underground, you could just copy the LMOE shelter surface floor. It comes with stairs already and is pretty minimal. That’s what I did with the caches mod. Alternatively, spawning the location with the debug menu will work even on the surface of the world, it’ll fill in the rock and everything, so you really don’t need to be underground for testing.


Hooooo I dint know I could just spawn it in the surface…that helps alot actually won’t lie. Thanks alot!

Never made a location befor but we will see. If all goes well then I will release a test version of the mod next week or earlier so peeps can give opinion. It will have all core critters and atleast two locations. Items and two armors.

But thanks will get to work!


There was a PR open for a while with a monster that could switch places with the player, the “swapper.” Looking at that might be helpful?

Edit: Kevin’s response there is gold, BTW. :grin:

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Hmmmm now that is something I will look in to very interesting. I will read up and see what I can do.

A small update on the mod.

New hostile creature faction will be added to the mod known as “Fosifids”. Rather-unninteligent hostile beings of what seem to be formed from roots and entangled stone, related to trifids seek to spread underneath the earth’s influence. Known for being bulkier and tougher in apperance but slower do to such fact. But as well reciving there name to unique features of some ,if not most, being drenched in natural fossil fuels like petrolium as a simbólico representation of “the blood of the earth”. Do to there slow nature they should not be taken as a great threat but it is of outmost recomendation to prevent the use of explosives,thermal and high caliber weponry as some are known to detonate at high heat and friction.

Edit: so I talked to some one about one of the creatures that will be includes in the mod. They got inspired and made a quick ink sketch of it. This is known as a “Cobustion Zombie”. A a zombie (oil drillers and such) had fallen in such a pit or other source and got infected. Making this walking black tar zed.

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Soon I will be deleting this thread and make the mods dedicated The lab thread and aswell gidhub.
It’s gone through many re-codes but so far all monsters,terrain and items work as intended.

The only issue I am having is if some one could lend me a hand with mapgen and buildings :confused: read through the info.json and kinda understand but still don’t grasp it well.
Trying to make a new cave,new “mining shop” building for towns where you can get pickaxes,fossiles,etc. Alot more as well but don’t wanna spoil

Edit: ook read again I understand now I was a idiot…but how dose one make stairs/slopes be on top and such for the cave to work?

Edit2: I am just confuses because some mapgen like example the park:
“(Blank)” is supposed to be t-grass,t-grass,t-grass,t-grass,t-dirt? Why dose it have lines like that instead of just t_grass and done?


When you have multiple terrains listed under the same icon it will choose from the list.


" ": [ "t_grass", "t_grass", "t_grass", "t_grass", "t_dirt" ]

means it has a 4/5 chance of spawning t_grass and 1/5 to spawn t_dirt. As far as I know, that’s how it works, as an even distribution.
This is done mostly for grass and trees, so that it will result in a more randomized and therefore more natural-looking area.

I don’t think I know what you mean about stairs. If you put a down stairs on a floor and then put up stairs on the next lower floor, they will be connected, provided they have the same coordinates other than the Z coordinate.

IE: When you define your overmap special . . .let’s say we have cave_surface which is at 0, 0, 0. We put down stairs on the cave_surface map. Then we have cave_underground which is at 0, 0, -1. As long as cave_underground has an upstairs, and cave_surface has a downstairs, they should be connected.

I’m not sure how it works when there are multiple sets of stairs. I’ve never done more than the one set. I’ve also never used slopes, but it would make sense to me that they would function the same way.

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Thanks alot…dam unicorn really apreciate it would have been here stuck XD but yes that is what I ment.

Now I know everything the very basic/core of the mod SHOULD be out by the end of the week. Shop is all done with item groups. Monsters are done. Terrain done. Armor done. Items done.

I am multitasking and fleshing out other ideas to be implemented later on. But thanks owe ya!

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2 things

  1. Zork (just kidding)

  2. Any interest in making this?
    ~The Flesh Forest~

Whenever time allows of course.

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Hmmmmm…that flesh Forrest idea made my brain go crazy with amount of ideas actually, that is one very interesting concept I will say that and I am very interested.

Especially the fact it pairs well with a creature I alredy coded (but won’t spoil here :slight_smile:) named “rotten bellow” for the aberration faction.
I would actually like to code that and it’s actually possible, it’s gonna take a good amount of time to atleast get the environment itself created as it on its own is “alive”.

I will see what I can do, maybe I can experiment a bit at first and see how things go from there. I and not That good at JSON been practicing and slowly getting better at everything XD

I know I wrote a lot of content in the thread. As did other people. But in short: Houses can be small layers. Lab like deep layers with more difficulty and top side can show the meat trees that try to grab you etc. Plus we already have those deformed mutant Thing creatures in game :wink:

I know, no spoilers. But have any thoughts about the creature heart that act similar to the stimpacks when eaten? Dehydrating the heart of the beast to keep it longer would be cool.

If you have anything you want to discuss on the topic revive the thread or pm me. Cheers!

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The mod has Alot ready and served but having problems with overmap terrain :confused: was wondering if I could.Pm anyone to look over the code. It’s for the mining shop it’s all good and put weight to 100000 for testing but dosent spawn anywhere

When you have questions, it’s probably better to just upload the things in question to your Github and ask. Folks’ll probably help out if they’re able, and it helps a lot to see all the stuff in question.

If your location uses a terrain that already exists, only adjusting the weight should be necessary, since that location already spawns in the game. Just make sure the “om_terrain” line in your mapgen entry matches the “om_terrain” of the location you want it to spawn as. IE: A new grocery store layout would already spawn, so long as your location also had the “om_terrain” line of s_grocery.

If your location is completely new, make sure you’ve set up both the overmap_terrain entry AND an overmap_special entry. The terrain tells the game how the location should look in the game map, but it doesn’t handle spawning. The special tells the game how to spawn that location (the where and how and how often, etc).

If you’ve done all of that, check the occurrences line in your special and set it to something absurdly high so it will spawn a lot for testing. IE:

"occurrences": [ 5, 20 ],

So, that’s my scattershot answer. Hopefully one of those was the issue.

Either way, again, I’d advocate for Github. I know you want to keep things secret for a big reveal when it’s ready, but more people will respond if they can see the problem in front of them.

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True true I will go on github and such for people to help me out, it’s not a big secret anymore just only a few special things are but actually I miss something and that was acurrance…so thanks XD I totally forgot that part.

It’s been a long while since I made a update. Been working out and in on the mod the pass days since I am on a small trip and no internet BUT I made alot of progress so far.

  1. The new “abandon mine” location is ready and working. Can be found in Forrest and plains. Alot of the new content can be found there from the veins,monsters and materials. As well contain a secret hidden area for those that can find it! Currently there is only 2 different variations of it. But will expand. And the new “Mine shop” is mostly done there you can find alot of the new gem like items and very rarely some alredy in game ones like gold. And aswell mining needs.

  2. You are not the only one out there in the cataclysim doing there things. There been people out there making sure they survive and personalize themselfs! New rare “Unknown manufacture” or “Ufracture” weapons can be found as a overmap special or in the new mine. one example is going to the plains and find one broken down modified vehicle with few of the rare nether monsters near it. There you have a chance to find a “Ufracture” weapons that range from melee and range. One of the most powerful avaliable is the “Ufracture ‘Rhino’”…I won’t spoil what it is but don’t use it as meele…pretty fragile and hand made…just be careful. There are NO ENERGY Ufracture weapons, only aceptable and more capable weapons for such a posibility.

  3. New Craftable armors made out of “stone chitten” are ready, it’s like normal insect exoskeleton just a bit heavier and harder…a nice mid game armor alternative for none city folk :slight_smile:

  4. New “obsidian” tip arrows (normal and heavy) and spear are in! Very Slightly better than normal wooden arrow and stone spear and can hold a BIT more abuse. But still no match to forged ones

  5. As said befor new nether creatures can now spawn in the normal pool…next time yo go to a reality rift or see a few dead scientist be careful…you might like to see mi-go again. One of the new ones are “Hounds of tidalus” a dangerus fast eyeless hound from beyond this plain that scavenge through time. Be careful don’t get bitten!

  6. New hand made jewlery! With the mod a few nifty little gems and minerals have been added and as such you will be able to craft some hand made ones! If you wanna sell or made your self bling…example are “Rose quartz necklace” using some wire and other small bits you can make a nice cheap necklace…or if you have a forge or some fire and alot if time you can make a “Gold rose quartz necklace” bit harder to make but…fancy :slight_smile:

Hope you all don’t mind a bit if wait! Kinda feel there is not enough tbh…
But give me.opinion,help or feed back very apreciated :smile:

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Obsidian is nice. Like normal glass and can be crafted with rocks to be pretty damn sharp. I used to wear one as a necklace irl. One can find the stuff in real life New England in gift shops and hotel shops. Arts andcraft stores also tend to have a mineral section. Lots of “new age” hippy stores have that stuff too, if you need ideas for any buildings that may have specialty rocks and mineral supplies.

after being inactive for a while I am back and we’ll this mod might come slow sadly :confused: next semester started for university. it’s not dead don’t worry just gonna be a bit slow and as well would need to update myself on CDDA to see what new things will be coming and such.

just expect it to take a while for it to even be shown :confused: might release a pre-alpha version if it so you guys mess around with it but don’t expect a lot of content that is for sure…but overall tea just wanted to keep tall updated!