Unable to learn recipes from reading books

I’ve got the latest version from the launcher and I’m finding it impossible to learn some recipes from books.

For example, after clearing out a school, I was able to raise my fabrication skill to 10, but when reading “101 Crafts for Beginners”, it would only say that I could not learn anything from the book, even though there were several unlearned recipes, like the one for the soda can stove. I was able to memorize the recipe by making the item from the book, as I happened to have the ingredients on me.

Is this an intended change? Or has something gone wrong with learning recipes?

Intended change.

That really bugs me; now I’ll have to haul these books everywhere with me.

You’ll memorize them with use.

I always found keeping your books nearby to be more efficient anyway. I could sometimes read for 12 in game hours at max focus and get nothing but “You failed to learn a recipe from _______.” And getting the one you actually WANT was a whole different layer of frustrating. I eventually just accepted the book pile as part of my life.