[5177] Memorizing recepies from books bug

Build 5177. Tiles Windows X64

Get character with survival 0;
Get book "Outdoor adventures";
Read book "Outdoor adventures" to raise survival to level 1;
"Outdoor adventures" contains recepie "fish bait - meat" that is not memorised yet. Book marked with yellow color in inventory;
"Fish bait - meat" has difficulty 1 and use only survival as skill. You have access to it using book but that recepie is not memorized yet;
Try to read book again. You will see "It would be fun, but it will not increase your survival";

“This book contains unlearn recepies. Read it unitl you learn recepies”?

As far as I remeber you should get special message if you can read book to memorize recepies. For now I don’t see that message for any book that marked with yellow color in inventory.

Not a bug:

Books no longer grant recipies. You learn recipies via attempting to do them.